Wednesday, August 4, 2021

At the End / Winged Wonder

My FingerNale Tales consist of bite-sized insights, and the audiobook is available also. My narrator - Andy Barker - a while ago said to me he wishes folk would take the chance and listen because he did some of his best work for FingerNale and reckons the stories are so insightful that both the audiobook and the eBook should be hitting the lists. To that end, to showcase both the stories and his talent, I have published two of the tales separately, and Andy has kindly uploaded the audio for both. Bless him, he really is a professional! 

I chose Winged Wonder due to the supernatural twist, and also Andy's absolute favourite, At the End, which is a about a woman at the end of her life looking back.

There are eyes on its wings. Many have this subterfuge somewhere upon them, out there in the wilds, and therefore the concept is not exactly strange. Used to fool predators, it is an effective tool of disguise. But this is not a creature of the wilds.

What is this Winged Wonder?

Taken from FingerNale tales, this quick read tells the tale of a man at an intersection seeing a man, a creature, an angel perhaps, in the crowd waiting to cross.

Winged Wonder

Audio book now in review

We should all do the best we can with what is given us,

so that one day we too can look back and say,

‘I lived a good life’.

At the End is an insight taken from FingerNale Tales and tells the story of a woman looking back over the years of her life.

At the End

Audio book now in review

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Interview: Laurie McAndish King NFT Author of An Elephant Ate My Arm

Hello, everyone! Today we have another in our series of interviews with NFT authors taking part in a historic first drop. I'm excited to chat to Laurie, who seems to have a truly interesting (crazy? lol) life, as she reveals in An Elephant Ate My Arm: More true stories from a curious traveler, which is now available as an NFT collectible.


Laurie McAndish King writes about encountering the Minotaur in Greece, coming eye-to-eye with 20-foot-long Australian earthworms, and an Ivy League astrophysicist’s explanation of how flying saucers are powered—not your typical travel writing. That’s probably why Kirkus Reviews hails her as “an author with an eye for the quirky.” Her stories—insightful, inspiring, and often quite funny—are always entertaining.

Laurie’s award-winning essays and photography have appeared in Smithsonian magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales’ The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Lonely Planet’s The Kindness of Strangers, and other magazines and literary anthologies. Her work earned a Lowell Thomas Gold Award, the international travel industry’s highest literary award. Laurie’s first two books are Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive: True stories from a curious traveler and Your Crocodile has Arrived: More true stories from a curious traveler.


Hi Laurie, and welcome! 

As an author of humorous travel books, why did you select An Elephant Ate My Arm: More true stories from a curious traveler for this historic NFT offer?

First, because it’s so timely: We’ve been starved for travel—and the fun and adventure that come along with it—during the pandemic. This collection provides welcome relief with twenty-one true stories from around the world: You can pass through the portal to the Uncanny Valley, visit the room that served as the inspiration for the magic shop where Harry Potter bought his sorcery supplies, search for the world’s first labyrinth, learn to tell a counterfeit shrunken head from a real one, and plenty more…

Also, I got excited about the opportunity to offer readers extra content—in this case, a slideshow of beautiful and exotic butterfly photos from when I visited a “butterfly farm” in Costa Rica. I love that NFTs let me deliver a multimedia experience for readers. And An Elephant Ate My Arm is a new release, so the timing to make it available for this offer worked perfectly.

 NFTs are relatively new and many don’t yet understand how they work. Why, therefore, enter what is essentially uncharted territory?

I’m an adventurer—at least in my own mind. (You can tell that as soon as you read these stories about searching for a three-eyed cannibal, tracking down a witch who is sequestered in a glass bottle, walking on a man-eating lake, and taking some photos I really shouldn’t have taken in Libya.)

So participating in NFT books was an easy “Why not?” for me—another adventure! After doing a little research—including learning that Italy is now using NFTs to manage copyrights—I’m convinced that blockchain-based platforms are the wave of the future. No one knows quite where this technology will lead, but I do know that I want to be along for the ride.

These offerings are among the very first book NFTs—they’re leading the way for the industry—and therefore have the potential to appreciate significantly in value. So they’re a win-win-win-win: Great stories, bonus content, ability to resell, and potential to appreciate.

What’s next for you?

I have a day job in the book publishing industry; also, I’ve already started my next book, the fourth in the “Curious Traveler” series. It includes stories about swimming with crocodiles in Australia, an unfortunate encounter with Kobe beef in Japan, and tracking down remnants of the mysterious Pictish civilization in Scotland.

EJD: By the way, here’s a 2-minute video of Laurie reading an excerpt from one of her stories, “The Curious Case of the Witch in a Bottle and Other Illuminating Oddities”:

Thanks, Laurie, and may you go from strength to strength!


Laurie McAndish King’s links:

 ·    Website

·       Amazon profile

·       Facebook profile

·       Facebook page

·       NFT link



Monday, July 26, 2021

African Moon and Feast Night updated

Tomorrow she will go on with her life …

It’s a hot day in Cape Town but a woman holds the vigil at a window overlooking the beach. She has repeatedly dreamed of a sailing boat, a lost soul perhaps, entering upon silver streaks on the water. Is this merely dreaming or, as she believes, a vision?

She will watch, she will give it this one day and night, and then go on with her life, and waiting with her is Barney, her beloved dog, and Fantasy, her snooty cat. Man, a girl and her fur babies get hungry while waiting for something to happen, and yet her instincts keep her there … watching … waiting …

Lattice 3 from Latticework: 14 Lattices from Space and Time

African Moon KU

The town of Flarant is abandoned to its fate, year after year.

Year after year the people of Flarant lose their children to the ghosts and ghouls on All Hallows Eve. They cannot flee. They are beyond all hope.

And then a stranger enters the town in the days leading up to the event. This year, there is difference in the air. This year, the children are not alone.

Lattice 11 from Latticework: 14 Lattices from Space and Time

Feast Night KU

Both reads coming in audio also