Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Review: Bootleggers by Paul Rudd

OMW, you gotta read Bootleggers! If you watched Stranger Things glued to the screen, and if you rolled your eyes at Jumanji while enjoying every minute of it, this is the perfect story for you.

Eighties style, movies, TV series, BMX bikes, serious game playing, portals, avatars, a scary enemy, a major mission, crazy adventure; it’s all here. And clever – I love how Paul Rudd used the movies and series we all know and love, and twisted them! The interaction between Tommy, Mikey, Ted and Kurt is so funny, you’ll be laughing while you race into the adventure. And there’s some romance amid the bromance …

Fingers crossed for Netflix discovering this; it will make an excellent series! I nabbed a print copy to grace my shelves – this is definitely a favourite. You gotta read Bootleggers!


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