Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Sins of the Season!

Here's a bit more from ANOTHER BLOODY CHRISTMAS to pique your interest and get you reading!!

Richard Rhys Jones gifts us The Sins of the Season, and it’s quite the murder spree. Imagine old Wales and someone touting the Seven Deadly Sins as mayhem ensues. Imagine also a fiddler playing entrancing music, thereby changing the fortunes of the sinful … oh, indeed, intriguing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mirembe by Hannah Ferguson

MirembeMirembe by Hannah Ferguson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I cannot stress how wonderful Mirembe is, not only as story, but as a character! I am so pleased Hannah Ferguson wrote this, for it is filled with life’s lessons and so much insight that I was almost overwhelmed. From humble beginnings, Mirembe teaches us how to accept death, but more than that, she reveals how important the grieving process is and how to deal with it, as well as how to be there for those going through bereavement.

Please read this. The story itself beautifully written, and the hope and understanding imbued in every situation fills the reader with that same hope and understanding. If you find yourself in the sadness of loss, read Mirembe. If you have a friend you are not sure how to approach in his or her grief, read this. Mirembe points you in the right direction.

Thank you for writing this.

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Review: TYRIAN by Jeffrey Blackmer

Tyrian (Luminous Bridges Series Book 2)Tyrian by Jeffrey Blackmer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am simply in awe of Jeff Blackmer’s scope of research. As readers we cannot always fathom just how much goes into a historical epic on this scale. We read it swiftly and yet there is so much backstory that went into it. I laud the author for his tenacity and his depth of insight; all has created a story well worth reading.

Whether you’re religious or not, I recommend reading Tyrian. You may not agree with everything, but you may also pause to think a bit, and that is the mark of a great story. If you are already aware of the masks, and the deceit perpetrated for centuries, then this is a fit for you. I found this well-structured, and the timeline is epic. 700 years a slave! That says it all, indeed. Read Tyrian to discover exactly what Atrox did for the Church over a span of 700 years, using his sword arm to dispense ‘justice’.

Then there is this: putting aside issues and cover-ups, whether this is an exposé or not, Tyrian is a great tale all in itself! This man, Atrox from Tyre, moves through the centuries engaged in wars, meeting historical figures, enduring much upon his quest. Truly an epic MUST READ and deserves all five stars without a doubt.

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Review: Good Sister Bad Sister (Heart of the Staff 1) by Carol and Tom Phipps

Good Sister, Bad Sister (Heart of the Staff Book 1)Good Sister, Bad Sister by Carol Marrs Phipps
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an imaginative setting for two sisters that are complete opposites of each other! When the plague hits and most scramble to find solutions and cures, others attempt to use the chaos to their advantage, even going so far as to hang Elves for no other reason than they are Elves. Without giving the entire story away, I must say I kept wondering when someone would realise, well, RATS. Rats keep scampering and no one gets it! I found that a great touch, I must admit.

There’s a host of characters you either love or hate, but each is ever so interesting. From palace to forest, from farm to dark woods, from cliffs to caves and much more, laced with much magics and the craziest folk and creatures, the action and scheming is non-stop. I have to say I adored the mercenary crow the most!

Carol and Tom Phipps have a unique voice. This is not your everyday kind of tale – it has character, it’s different, and it draws you in. I definitely recommend this to readers of fantasy who like it with a twist.

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Review: Virtual Heaven by Taylor Kole

Virtual HeavenVirtual Heaven by Taylor Kole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An intriguing story about how virtual vacation choices lead to the choice of suicide while immersed. A kind of afterlife, but with consequences. Soon countries are threatening violence when religious beliefs are ignored, and civilisation as we know is about to change forever.

I found the premise for this story interesting and I needed to know how it would work out. A clever tale, well thought out. Definitely worth reading!

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Another Bloody Christmas - First Review!

November 26, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

This really was an enjoyable book, chock full of captivating stories. Scary? You bet! But there were also moments of gut-busting humour, as well as tenderness that touched the soul, like only the very best literature can do. The following are my thoughts:

1) A Corpse For Christmas (T.K. Geering): I’m just like everyone else in that, in most stories, I feel elated when the villains finally get their cocoa. This isn’t one of them. With Geering’s well written, sympathetic characters, it’s not that I didn’t sympathise with the police, it’s just that I sympathised with the villains just a little more. On a personal note, I’m off to England soon, and was looking forward to their tasty meat pies. But, you know what? If it’s all the same to everyone, I think fish & chips are just as good, really.

2) Gabriel (Elaina J. Davidson): In a sense, where one story leaves off, another begins – in a charming old (and I do mean old) cottage in the country. What an enchanting tale! Prepare for the unexpected because that’s what Davidson delivers. The tension is perfect – not so strong that it didn’t prevent a gasp of surprise, or a full-bellied laugh, throughout the story, and not so soft that I could stop reading until I’d reached the end at 4:00 AM.

3) The Sins of the Season (Richard Rhys Jones): Wow, talk about your seven deadly sins; I really must take up the violin! This was a great story, and Jones told it very well indeed – the narration fit the period to a tee, and the dialogue was excellent. Good characters I could either loathe, or feel sympathy for with equal passion. Not to mention the ending was a real surprise.

4) Stocking Killer (Jillian Ward): By the time I was finished reading this story I had an abiding hatred for Christmas carols; but then, apart from the very young, and those who think life is just one long uninterrupted Disney film, who doesn’t? Life, real life, isn’t like that, and with this story, the proof is in the pudding. Well written, in a way that will have you laughing in one breath, only to be brought up short by the severity of the drama unfolding in the next, as fiction goes, this is about as real as it gets. Great ending, too!

5) Christmas Nerd (Joanne Sexton): I was moved by this story. Sexton took the unimaginable - the coldblooded murder of a family (and on Christmas day at that!) – and made it real. That’s not all: she wrote Kaley, the sole survivor, so sympathetically that every bone in my body yearned for her happiness, and dreaded the appearance of the unknown obstacle, that every drama requires, that would put everything in peril. I wonder if it’s because so much of the story is so believable?

6) On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (Paul Rudd): This story was a pleasure to read. Like Stephen King said (and I paraphrase) – Have you ever had friends as close as when you were fourteen? That’s what Rudd delivers here, and does it well: dorky, basically loveable teenage kids, with a lust for adventure, or just plane lust, both in spades. Oh, and love, too; and when was love any more pure than at that age?

7) The Secret of Hungry Summit Mountains (Hannah Ferguson): This story also begins with a teenager, only there’s nothing dorky about her, and her tale not at all endearing. In sharp contrast, it tells a darker story that is all too believable, because it happens far too often, and continues on for the span of a lifetime or longer. It’s a heart-breaking story that Ferguson tells very well. The ending is nothing less than exquisite.

8) And finally, but by no means least, “The Whispers of Christmas” by Poppet: What a perfect tale to end the book, I loved it! With her unerring skill Poppet takes us from the dark depths of the human experience, to a brighter promise. She guides us through the shadows of cold reality and leads us to where there’s a precious seed of hope cradled in a manger. All that’s required is to choose to believe … and maybe some Christmas pudding from your local chemist. Yes, that will definitely help, too. (wink).

So that's it, what else can I say? Highly, highly recommended.

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Corpse for Christmas!

Hello, everyone! Over the next few days I'm going to share a bit about each individual story making up our Christmas anthology published by Wild Wolf Publishing. There are 8 very British tales making up ANOTHER BLOODY CHRISTMAS and each will entertain you, for sure :)

T.K. Geering is first up with a brilliant tale - A Corpse for Christmas - set in Jack the Ripper London! From body snatching to strange disappearances, this has a bit of all things gory. From a pie maker and her prostitute friend, to grave robbers and cops going undercover, this is quite the treat.

The UK Crime Book Club actually bid for the privilege of gifting two names for this awesome story!

Friday, November 23, 2018


Now LIVE!!!

A bunch of us got together to create this anthology and it's SOOOO GOOD!!

8 British Christmas shorts from the Wild Wolf stable to get you ready for the Holidays.

1: A Corpse for Christmas by T.K. Geering ~ While Jack the Ripper is terrorising Mitre Square, bodies are going missing too.

2: Gabriel by Elaina J Davidson ~ Old houses keep old secrets. Ivy discovers that not everyone loves Christmas as much as she does. The dude in the mirror is trying to kill her!

3: The Sins of the Season by Richard Rhys Jones ~ At a time when the gentry rule us peasants, a vicar in a remote parish has his hands full of the deadly sins. Once a druid enters the opulent halls of shame, it all gets bloody interesting.

4: Stocking Killer by Jillian Ward ~ Of all the times of the year to cheat on her man, she chooses now! Well some dude needs a lesson to keep his hands off and Dave is on it like a man possessed; it doesn’t end well for any of them.

5: Christmas Nerd by Joanne Sexton ~ Her family was brutally murdered on Christmas and this holiday is dreaded by her every year since. That's until the cute IT guy makes his move and Kaley gets to have a family Christmas for the first time in decades. The problem with good looking guys is they always have issues.

6: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas by Paul Rudd ~ Thrown back into the 80s we follow Tommy and his friends through the most treacherous board game ever created. It’s awesome, it’s ruthless, and the entire town is now dead! If a stranger tempts you to play a game for the 12 days of Christmas, you might like to reconsider.

7: The Secret of Hungry Summit Mountains by Hannah Ferguson ~ Eloise was just another girl until she was attacked by a vagrant. This one act derails her entire life, leaving her homeless, pregnant, desperate, and depressed. Getting home for Christmas didn’t even cross her mind.

8: The Whispers of Christmas by Poppet ~ Angela is living in a reality that keeps warping. She’s hearing things, has a stalker who’s gas lighting her, and is forced to get high when she goes home for Christmas. Then things get really weird.

It’s just ANOTHER BLOODY CHRISTMAS for these characters, but what the hell, we only live once.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Wolves of Valaris

As two boys ask about wolves, their father wonders which twin will one day bay at the moon to summon the darkness.

Tristamil and Tymall are eight years old, but one day they will be men. This short tale is an insight into their father’s deepest fears.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The History of Ardosia

After ages of war, a Rift is opened between realms. The Valleur choose exile and peace over war and death. Choosing to rebuild and renew, they start over.

But, after millennia, the Rift opens and ancient loyalties are again put to the test.

This is what happened between their then and their now.

Now Available!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Outrageous Fortune by Kathleen McClure and Kelley McKinnon

Outrageous Fortune: An Errant EnterpriseOutrageous Fortune: An Errant Enterprise by Kathleen McClure
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having read Soldier of Fortune I immediately grabbed this, the next book, and again I am so glad I did. This time we journey with the Errant and meet her crew as they steal a package everyone seems to want. the back and forth is amazing, and I loved the characters, good and ‘bad’, especially Eitan and Jagati. Excellent sci-fi!

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Soldier of Fortune by Kathleen McClure

Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure (The Fortune Chronicles #1)Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure by Kathleen McClure
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I picked this up as a freebie, and I’m so glad I did! This is gloriously entertaining, filled with tense situation, awesome fights, and has a clever plot with loads of twists and turns. I pretty much fell for Gideon Quinn and you will too. Definitely recommend this. If you like sci-fi with awesome characters, then you will love it!

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Spirit of the universe

Monday, November 5, 2018

I must go

Pendulim's Tale

To ward Valarian souls against soul-snatching, Torrullin Valla, along with Augin, Palace Guard, journey to Pendulim. They need a flame-wright able to fashion a Life-Wheel, a device able to protect the innocent and their souls.

But there is more to the mission. A Champion from Pendulim is being prepared to invade the Dome of the Guardians, wearing a Wheel able to confer immortality. The Dome will not survive. The Champion must be stopped.

Together, Torrullin and Augin negotiate the dangers in the forests of Pendulim.

This short is now available!