Saturday, November 27, 2010

SEITHE by Poppet - Review

SEITHE by Poppet

Erotic Thriller/Urban Fantasy

‘I am stranded between realms...’
Phoebe is uber angry and it dumps her into big trouble. She hurtles out into the dark without thought, uncaring of the dangers of night...and discovers great secrets hide under cover of that dark. She will discover everything is definitely not what it seems as first glance, that the veneer of daily life is exactly that, a veneer.
‘Somehow doing something utterly forbidden is always irresistibly enticing.’

Phoebe meets Seithe and is angry enough to accept his manipulations as a means to altering her current issues with men. Seithe seeks to awaken Phoebe to the truth beneath the veneer by using the magic of sensation to shock her into awareness. Phoebe needs to rely on her instincts, quickly.

Why? Everything is not what it, what does lie beneath? First, there is instinct. We have the power to use it well if only we could trust it. And then there is the great power in love, and what it is able to achieve for humankind. And for those beyond the restraints of mortality.
I am wholly entranced by Poppet’s ability to take known myths and legends and manipulate them into something close to believable, tying together varied strands into something that forms a whole...and that is as much as I’ll reveal at this point! I don’t want to reveal the crux of this tale- I urge you to discover it for yourself. Go on.

I will say Seithe is seriously sexy...and has an equally yummy brother...and sister. And if that doesn’t have you in the throes of curiosity...

I have been fortunate enough to review Poppet’s other books and while SEITHE isn't as visceral as those, it possesses an originality that is strangely real. Reality and fantasy knits together seamlessly to create an uber book. Poppet isn’t shy in dragging the reader into reaction once again. Brilliant indeed!

‘Call me poppet and drive a new pin in, why don’t you?’

This journey will leave you wishing it could be true.

Elaina J Davidson
November 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Majestic Table Mountain

Why did I post this? Because when I come across a good pic of the ol' table I grew up in the shadow of...I have to!

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House of Valla - Volume II is an eBook

Go on, have a look!
Free sample of both House of Valla and Gathering of Rain...

Gathering of Rain - the eBook!

I took the plunge, friends, and uploaded Gathering of Rain as an eBook on Smashwords. It's available in multiple digital formats...and I'd LOVE your feedback!

Monday, November 15, 2010

EXPLOITS by Poppet - Review

EXPLOITS by Poppet

Erotic Thriller

I had gone from ‘hardly ever been kissed’ to ‘let’s get it on’.

There was nothing wrong with me when Gary got hold of me. I was full of energy, hope, anticipation and joy. I was old enough to look forward to leaving home. To determine my own fate. But then, the dashing prince of darkness crossed my path.

There is something entrancing about Poppet’s writing. I sat down to start the read for review...and read Exploits in one sitting. (Which I paid for after!) Thoughts of reviewing fled completely. Poppet writes from the heart, pulls no punches and it really is as if you sit in the room with her, listening to her voice. It feels personal.

Stephanie is somewhat innocent of the ways of men and has already been burned once. When she meets Gary, a gorgeous charismatic, she is wary, but also needs someone to love her. Her journey from independence to absolute dependence can be frustrating- you wish you could shout at her to get her act together- but also incredibly enlightening. I wonder how much we really understand of what goes on when the doors close on relationships, and Exploits certainly gifts us a glimpse. It is a harrowing journey through the psyche.

There is a bright side, too. Friendship. Without the care of true friends, I think Stephanie would have succumbed to desperation earlier than she did...and they were there for her when she hit bottom. Cherish your friends, always.

The setting of this story reveals that relationships are universal- it can be retold set in New York, London or Alice Springs Australia and it will be instantly recognisable. But, set in glorious Cape Town, South Africa? This reader was enthralled! The cosmopolitan side of Africa shines through.

Exploits could be considered a controversial book, dealing as it does with abuse, but I strongly recommend you read it. There are lessons here, whether it’s happening to you or to someone you know. I hope you feel empowered. Read it now.

All issues aside, though, I have to say Exploits is well told, a really good read, and Poppet is a writer well worth following.

Elaina J Davidson
November 2010

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review Of Vampires, Zombies and GHOSTS, oh, My!

VAMPIRES, Zombies and GHOSTS, Oh My!
(and Other Creatures of the Night STORIES) – Anthology Edited by Eve Paludon

Published by

Recently I have rediscovered the short story after a long hiatus. Generally I prefer a lengthy read, but I find the punchiness of a tale told in a few pages to have huge impact, particularly so when each is kind of off-the-wall, from the dark dungeons of the imagination.

Halloween is over for another year! All ghouls have receded into the woodwork of deadness...or have they? Vampires and zombies, ghosts and other creatures that go bump in the night don't give a whit for one night in a few hundred, oh NO! You may pack away your crazy costume, but you may not ignore a really good read.

From Heidi Mannan’s intriguing tale of a vampire trapped in weakness through JR Rain’s short but potent finale (wonderful imagery), you will be captured.

My favourite is The Bone Flute Maker by Carol J La Valley, a tale of humanity and its delusion after an alien race is rescued to become like gods. Her weaving of music throughout is quite brilliant.

And I simply must mention Eve’s tale, the lady with an imagination who put this anthology together. Pandora’s Boxes is a sweet story of love lost and two women who are receptive enough to deal with ghosts...and Pandora’s actual boxes sound like the kind of thing this reader would love to own!

Here are 16 tales bound to get your attention: an adrenaline rush, a sigh and a gasp, even a smile. To tell you of every tale will make for a too lengthy review, and I’d rather that you discover them yourself. If you enjoy a quick burst of strangeness, this is definitely for you.

Available for purchase on Smashwords:

Elaina J Davidson
November 2010