Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Here's a bit of an explanation for you ...

… sounds dramatic, doesn't it? 😉 

Just thought I'd do a BEFORE and AFTER of Lore and Ancient Terra's covers. Those of you who do visit here often may recall the 'before', but you may still find this interesting!

Firstly, this explanation is for the most recent set of covers. A number of the Lore books have been published before (with publishers and their artwork), and I have no need or call to judge those. As of last year (after a lot of stressful hours at my computer), I have, for the most part, designed my own covers … and some of them still needed tweaking. Secondly, the author I am now prefers autonomy, and I go with my gut. I need to like my covers, and when it doesn't feel right, go on, change it - my writing motto. Thus, tweaks! 

Let's start with Lore of Arcana's four:



I discovered after uploading the original four that I can create a 3D effects for letters (in this case, author name and series title and number). While preferring the simple look for the Lore books (the stories are complicated enough!), I wanted to do that here (might not be that obvious in these small collages) and therefore started the process. But, ha, why not add those little extras while at it, right?

So, essentially the Arcana covers are the same, just added to. I do feel they pop more now, especially the Drowned Throne. Considering a volcano does explode, which leads to tidal waves that drown a particularly dangerous seat of power, the cover showcases it more. As that book is literally the book of battles, it's often ignored, which is a pity because so much happens in it, and that may have had to do with the cover. Here's hoping!

Lore of Reaume


Again, shadows for author name and series title and number, and a few extras. For Kallanon, Sleeper and Dreamer, more drama, but as you will notice, I completely redid the Nemisin Star. The original cover always rankled, did not quite like it, for, sure, there's the Keep and there's the Star, and yet it didn't reveal the sacred nature of the story within. A star that shines on one night every year in a holy place, the site of twins Tristamil and Tymall's destiny? Nope, needed something different. Thus …

Lore of Sanctum


Okay, so you'll notice they are NOT essentially the same! The Nemesis Blade's cover was too generic, in my opinion, and now you see the great mountains, the sacred arches, light pillars - far more fitting. Echolone Mine, well, the standing stones remain, but the strange world found beyond an ancient door in a mine is now showcased. As for Nowhere Sphere: the nowhere sphere is still on the cover, and yet the story is more grounded. There are mountains from where a watcher may look up and wonder; it isn't merely an orb floating out there anymore. Now, the Master Mechanism … time, space, distance, beauty, the deep … need I say more?

Ancient Terra



Avaelyn and Avior are the new kids, of course, being recently published, and their covers simply needed small changes, largely to do with using the circle across all the AT books, as well as updating the symbols. Eurue - mostly title and author name changes to fall in line with the rest. Farochin is much brighter now, and the cold blue circle nods at a proper Ice Age! Lykandir, as mentioned in another post, needed a complete rework; am thinking the bright look is far more attractive.

That's it with the explanations! It's quite an eye opener for me to see the BEFORE and AFTER also, but I solemnly swear to not touch the covers again for a loooong while 😇😂

Cover tweaks for Lore of Sanctum


Blurbs and links of the Lore of Sanctum page.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

New look for the Jeweller's translations also!


Updated covers for the Jeweller


What does a girl do when the fantastical creatures she creates for a charm bracelet come to life?

 Emily questions her sanity when troll lifts his mace and wizard defends with his staff, and hightails it out of her studio. When her dad phones the next morning to say he’s coming over, she is beyond relieved. In the light of day, with her dad present, her imagination can’t play tricks … right?

Holy smoke! Even Dad is gobsmacked by what he sees. Elf brandishes his flute like a knife and fairy bites troll … how is this real?

 Only one thing to do now.

Call in the cavalry because Mom will know what to do … right?




Tuesday, August 16, 2022

News about my Christmas Chills story

Not only has Gabriel received a new cover, but it is now in production as an audio book!

The dude in the mirror is trying to kill her!

Ivy moves into an overgrown cottage in the back of beyond two days before Christmas. She soon discovers that the old place keeps old secrets. The mirror above her mantlepiece is not what it seems. Ash and oil footsteps appear from nowhere, as does writing on a wall.

Is her refuge haunted? Ha, well, she’ll decorate the bejeezus out of it, overwhelm whatever it is with pretty baubles and blinking lights. Not everyone loves Christmas as much as she does, after all.

A good plan indeed … until Gabriel introduces himself.

Old houses certainly do keep old secrets.

My Wishing Well

When I recently updated the Terra series (more about that here), I realised I needed to create a book for the sayings used throughout the Lore books, for the maps, the covers and blurbs, because I found myself clicking open file after file to check certain little things. Thus, My Wishing Well, a personal project that will be available in print only. I aim to keep it to hand when writing about Echo and Calum and so forth, as discussed here. Still, with time, you as reader may find you need a copy also :)


This is a personal project, a way to gather the little things that surround Elaina J. Davidson’s writing.

The term ‘Wishing Well’ fits. The author wishes to have pertinent info to hand and the allusion to an inkwell makes all kind of sense to her.

Excerpts and more have been extracted from the Lore Series (Lore of Arcana, Lore of Reaume, Lore of Sanctum and Ancient Terra) as well as Ilfin of Arc, Latticework. Ethereal Musician and TINSAL, and arranged alphabetically.

Perhaps you, too, will be pleased to have this nearby when checking on something as you read Elaina J. Davidson’s many books.

Available in print only.