Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Trees - Ruins - Fire - Winter

Audiobook: Ethereal Musician

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Alayna lives as a recluse in the giant redwood forest far from prying eyes. When intruders break into her home with the intention of robbing and using her, a man with vivid green eyes becomes an unlikely saviour.

The instant they see each other their fates are sealed. Ben and Alayna have the kind of attraction that reeks of a celestial mandate. Alayna realises what Ben truly is, but he’s too young to know his real self. She sends him away to discover his destiny, awaiting his return.

Their attraction, though, is so visceral and overwhelming that Ben comes back again and again, each time finding it harder to leave the only woman who has ignited his soul. Alayna feels it too, because Ben possesses a kiss able to break worlds.

His green eyes are an ethereal magnificence amid the redwoods, lighting the way for love, music, dreams and destiny to mark their paths, but such a connection has a price.