Thursday, September 30, 2021

Now only $4.99

For a limited time, Lore of Arcana's NFT is on offer for a mere $4.99, to test the waters. It will be going up to over $90 in the next few weeks, so do grab a token today. Payment is via credit card, PayPal and others, so if you don't have a crypto currency wallet, no worries, you can still buy an NFT. Enjoy the mission within the virtual pages, and sell onward (or keep, of course!).


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

In the home stretch - ILFIN OF ARC audio

Many of you are aware of the issues I've had to create an audiobook for ILFIN OF ARC (due to the pandemic, two narrators chose not to continue) and therefore I kinda expected this project to end up cancelled also (how strange our minds are, seeing patterns created purely from expectation). So, yay, I am beyond pleased to tell you that I'm now more than halfway in reviewing the audio files, and Ben Swindlehurst has delivered a stellar performance! Almost at the point of approval. Fantastic!


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

On the omnibus front ...

Yup, don't think for a moment, what with cover updates, that I forgot to tweak (the tweaking thing again!) the omnibus covers as well. Other than finishing up with the print version for Sanctum, these are now live:

The LORE books

At a glance, here are the 12 LORE books. You may note that one of the 'updated' covers underwent some tweaking (in fact, in the graphic below, it's still missing 'something') - never are we 100% happy and so, always with the tweaking!


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