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THE DRAGON CIRCLE completes the Lore of Arcana series.

Lore's first 4 audiobooks in one! Pay the price of a single audio book and get 4!


Minstrel of the Water Willow is a short romantic fairy tale

Ethereal Musician is a paranormal romance with quite the twist!

Ancient Illumination is an apocalyptic tale. Five remain on a world
and they are on a mission to ensure they will not be forgotten.

The Bartender is about Harry listening to Jessica. Their dreams are VERY real!

FingerNale Tales has 10 short, short stories. A quick and entertaining listen! 
The narrator, Andy Barker, told me he has rarely enjoyed telling stories as much as with these,
so do take a chance on them. Ask for a promo code!

Latticework is quite the collection of noir tales.
From contemporary situations to swerving is space!

2 lattices from Latticework published separately:


It’s a hot day in Cape Town but a woman holds the vigil at a window overlooking the beach. She has repeatedly dreamed of a sailing boat, a lost soul perhaps, entering upon silver streaks on the water. Is this merely dreaming or, as she believes, a vision?


Year after year the people of Flarant lose their children to the ghosts and ghouls on All Hallows Eve. They cannot flee. They are beyond all hope.


The Caregiver tells us about Emma at a frail care facility meeting the infamous Celeste.

OUR LANTERNS GLOW is an inspirational book based on fictional excerpts.
Written in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, you may think this is something of no value now,
and yet we need inspiration every day, no matter the year and no matter the situation.
Give OUR LANTERNS GLOW a listen with a promo code!

Our Friend Thomas Henson is the most tongue-in-cheek story I have ever written!
Funny, and also commentary on society.

Town Thomas tells us what happens next to dear Thomas!


Book 1 - Lore of Reaume
Yes, here be dragons!!

Our favourite characters return to Valaris to fight a war already fought.

2000 years have passed since the terrible event that ended book 2; it's time for the games to start all over!

Now in production:

From the realms of prophecy and reincarnation to the reality of ancient dragons, feathered magicians and Darak Ors, from dreams to the scrying bowl, from thrones to forest clearings, this epic Sci-Fi/Fantasy Omnibus Edition journeys through, and finely weaves, fact and fantasy. Part One includes The Kallanon Scales, and The Nemisin Star.


TINSAL tells Bronwyn's story, a woman with a terrible gripe, one who uses Tarot cards to mete out death. Links:

The Artist tells about Alyria in the middle of the night deciding to piant,
only to discover their might be a thief in the house ...


First lockdown has ended and classes are about to resume, but nothing is as it was. Leanne regards her studies as outdated for an utterly changed world, and decides to do something to help others instead. Her friend Alex has a plane and he is so in when she suggests volunteering in Morocco, and will fly them there.
Soon, the sky above and the sands of the Sahara below will tell their tale.

A humorous tale about tiny figurines coming to life!

Jeweller on Audible:



Coming mid-2022: THE ECHOLONE MINE


A sanctuary is not always a haven: Join the march across the plains!


We should all do the best we can with what is given us,

so that one day we too can look back and say,

‘I lived a good life’.

There are eyes on its wings. What is this Winged Wonder?

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