Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Sprinkle it!


April so far too!



Also, due to not keeping my usual keen eye, I missed the fact that my Writing World has had 15 000 added views since the last time I thanked you for stopping by. Awesome! Thanks so much!!


When change comes ...

 … time to post becomes scarce!

It's been busy for me, with a number of changes in my life, and this has kept me from regular posting. Sorry about that! Hoping to return to a more normal in the latter half of the year :)

On a writing and publishing front, here's the latest:

New translations, including my first Greek one!

Three others are currently in progress.

Book 2 of Lore of Sanctum will be available in audio soon.


The biggest news, however, is that I am now in the final stages of completing the first drafts to two books! You may recall that Ancient Terra's 4th book (Avaelyn) was in progress, but something happened - the book just grew longer and longer, until it went over 300 000 words. I decided to split it into two books, Avaelyn and Avior, which is in keeping with the rest of the series. They now near completion, and then the edits start! I will release them one after the other (around summertime) because the tale leads directly from one to the other. Here are the two covers (they may still change, though):

Chat again soon :)