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AVIOR: The Mythical World


The Vallas go to war with each other.

Avaelyn returns to Reaume, no longer enshrouded … but soon another world draws attention, for it is there that the great battle will be fought.

Avior is veiled.

By myth.

By destruction.

By inverted sacred sites.

On Valaris, four strangers to the realm prepare to face Torrullin and Elianas, Tristan and Alusin, and they have a tale that raises terrible alarm. On Akhavar, the reality of the true enemy surfaces. The Path of Shades must be reopened … and old foes therefore step into the arena. A vengeful Timekeeper, an ancient Vallorin with a bone between his teeth, and a wife seeking to undo her husband.

The plight of Avior’s children is discovered, and all fight to save them from the monsters flourishing beneath the shroud created by myth. From dragons to darklings, the field is strewn with horror.

 How to end their reign?

 All are called into battle, from the Valleur, Kaval and Guardians to mysterious sorcerers gathered on the volcanic world of Danaan, but it is Valla pitted against Valla that causes shudders in the ether.

No matter what, Torrullin will not stand aside, not until every child is safe.


AVAELYN: The Enshrouded World

Our children are sacrosanct.

Avaelyn the world returns to Reaume, that great collection of spaces tangible and intangible, after a thousand-year absence, but no one knows the home of Torrullin Valla and Elianas Danae again swerves in its designated place.

Avaelyn is enshrouded.

By magic.

By time.

By manipulation.

How to rip aside the shroud?

On Akhavar, meanwhile, Enlyl Valla lifts from the mud in the badlands an ancient artefact, a sword created to protect children. The plight of Reaume’s children is dire, after all, and volunteers from many worlds gather to do something about it.

 Will the sword help?

 When the shivers of premonition tell that the young are taken to keep Avaelyn enshrouded, the Vallas take the fight to the monsters responsible for such horror. They will not rest until every child is safe.

 However it comes to pass, Avaelyn will be unveiled.



… that the final Ancient Terra books are live! YES!!

You all know I have been writing the final instalment for this series (one of the reasons I was somewhat scarce here), but something strange happened. See, Avaelyn was meant to be book 4, following on from Eurue, Farochin and Lykandir … but it grew and grew and grew, until it went over 350k words. Given the style of the series, that would have meant three books of around 130k-ish and one massive final volume, and this didn't suit, in my opinion. So, TWO books ends up finishing the series! Avaelyn and Avior! While they are part of the same story, each focuses on one part of the whole, and that meant the massive volume could be split. This means the style of the series remains as I envisioned it (with 5 books now rather than 4!). Eurue, Farochin and Lykandir are standalone, but the final two are meant to be read sequentially.

So, without further ado, here's how the completed series appears (the omnibus will be available soon):

P.S.: I did tell you Avaelyn's cover might change, and it did :)

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Quick look at translated tales


On the translations front:

These two went live recently: Gabriel into Portuguese and The Jeweller into Spanish.


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