Friday, November 5, 2021

New translated titles

Two new translations! Italian versions of the Jeweller and the Student

Clicked publish earlier, so they will be live soon.

A belated hello to November!

Hi, everyone :)

Forgive the sudden drop in posts - hubby and I went on a bit of a trip, kinda a staycation, meaning we road tripped around Ireland. No computers, no social media etc (although I did occasionally check in on FB), so this a belated hello November from me. And let me just say, the moment we turned the clocks back on 31 Oct, the cold said HELLO right back! 

Missed out on posting for Halloween as we were staying over in a small town. I did see many costumes on the night, though, and an added bonus, the entire town's lights went out as if to say 'It's Halloween!'. Spooky. Fortunately that didn't last too long :)

Here are a few pics to showcase the light at various times (seriously, the light just lent itself to every photo!).