Friday, January 31, 2014

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Latticework Teaser: African Moon

Lattice 3: African Moon

Mozart delves into his famous clarinet concerto and she feels her body relax. Out of Africa indeed. That is African sun out there, although in cosmopolitan surroundings. Cape Town on a hot day. Sun worshippers and cell phones, bling and gourmet treats. It could be the French Riviera, for pity’s sake. Karen Blixen would turn in her grave, for certain.


Emissaries to Middle Earth

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Choosing a Castle!

Which one would you choose?

Latticework Teaser: Fox Tale

Lattice 2: Fox Tale

The fox is a few paces behind her. When she stops so does he. Animals should not talk, not in an ordinary existence, but this is Beam, and nothing is ever as it seems. Animals should not mindspeak, but when was that ever written into law?

“Fine, Sir Fox.” She pushes the oak staff firmly into the earth again. “Speak to the wand.”

Tawny eyes flicked over the staff. That grants you a mere ten questions. I am prepared to answer far more, if only to ease your mind.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Latticework Teaser: Sentinels

Lattice 1: Sentinels

She flies between two pale trees and enters a small dark room. These unheralded shifts occur in a watcher’s world, and thus is she not surprised. The choir and this place are connected, and it is her task to know how and why.

Four men in black clothes sit around a pillar severed at chest height, and they are the ones humming. Hoods hide them as chests rise and fall to the needs of breath and music. The music, the scene and the men instil a darkness in the watcher’s heart. She senses danger.

Latticework, yay!

Cover reveal for my latest book!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Destiny wants a sacrifice!

The Tinsal Deck is a mystical deck of tarot cards that effect the fates of many. Zanderin is the darkest influence haunting the streets yet his enigmatic charisma sets him apart, marking him as supreme. He has so many secrets, the greatest one of all is known by the witch Bronwyn. She desires him not just for his abilities as an occultist, but also for the blood flowing in his veins.

The victims run, hide, and converge, and ultimately destiny wants a sacrifice, but fate is not cast in Tinsal stone.

I am the Altar

Black Moon Rising

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thunderous Cacophony

Excerpt - The Tinsal Deck:

In the hill country, far beyond the Merripens and their landscaped garden, up in the slopes where mist hangs, the kind that Terra favours for romance and inspiration, there is a stone hut hidden amongst other stones, shaded by trees great and leafy all year. Unless you know of it, you will not find it.
Nearby, a waterfall tumbles into the wide river below, its thunderous cacophony serving to conceal the inadvertent noises which accompany habitation.

An ancient axe hangs above the skewed lintel, but its edge, upon close inspection, is revealed as sharp. Clearly someone does not trust to isolation alone.

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Your fate in a horror movie

Gobemouche and Cornigerous

Monday, January 20, 2014

Trailer for Tinsal!

'...families are torn apart by secrets and sorcery...'

A super review! Thank you, Monique!

Planet Fruitcake!

Here's my review for Poppet's Soul Cypher! Too hilarious!

Planet Fruitcake! Yes, indeed, this is exactly where one goes when delving into the pages of Soul Cypher! I read loads of Poppet books, but this one is different, this one is a laugh a second, a snort of surprise every moment. From ‘teletubbies’ and purple alcohol to Reaper the guard ‘dog’ and insane gods, this is a crazy adventure.

Love Taniya’s voice! Really, really wish I have the gumption she has, the ability to totally speak her mind and never mind the consequences! Understand, though, folk will be looking at you as if you are utterly mad when you begin to giggle … never mind, Amrak will zap them!

Seriously folks, looking for something different? Soul Cypher is it. Loads of laughs, hugely clever, and an awesome quest also. Brilliant!

Available from Thorstruck Press here!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

LORE extras!

Newly published! Lore of Arcana, the companion to the Lore Series!

The ‘companion’ book for the Lore of Arcana Series. Find within the hidden history of the Valleur, extended chapters, missions and insights removed from the main works, as well as a record of sage sayings and secret wisdoms. And a few surprises!

What really happened on Pilan?
What was Margus’ strategy in The Dragon Circle?
How did the Valleur create a new home on Ardosia beyond the Rift?
What was the real Pendulim mission?
Read the Charikian Blue River Frond’s interviews with a few of the main characters, one of which happens after death.

Lore of Arcana is also a quick way of renewing your acquaintance with the tales before you delve into the Lore of Reaume Series!

Bonfire Heart - Video

No Ordinary Love - Video

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