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Writer's Wednesday: Elaina answers two questions!

Hi, everyone. Due to a request to delay the interview slotted for this week, and given that a writer friend asked how I would answer the two pandemic questions asked in my interviews, I thought I'd fill this Writer's Wednesday with my answers.

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Without further ado:

Now that the world has changed due to a pandemic, how has my writing changed?

It hasn’t changed to the degree that I can say, oh, look, this is pre-pandemic and that is post-pandemic (please let there be a ‘post’ soon!), and yet something else has me in a tizz. Given all the social distancing and what-not, I find it difficult to write scenes where there are crowds – I want to put masks on them! I want to avoid crowd scenes completely! The gatherings and interactions we use in our fiction are no longer ‘real world’ and that is a conundrum for me.

Even watching movies and series where people carry on as was our normal until early 2020 makes me grimace. It’s not real now. Then again, I write fiction and describing events and people as was ‘normal’ before therefore fits in with the fiction aspect … I guess, when our immediate future takes on more certainty, 'real' will feel real again when I write.

Many writers in the present either write far more or find themselves unable to write. Have I experienced one or the other in this life-altering time we now live in?

When lockdown befell us at the end of March, my outlook was positive. Time to write, I thought, without the distractions of my part-time job. Suddenly the world fell into silence and birdsong assumed supremacy – inspiring, optimum conditions to write in. It didn’t work out quite as I envisioned. Simply put, writing became something extremely difficult to focus on, and I landed up in a quite a funk. Did everything else instead: gardening, fixing stuff around the house, threw junk out ... anything to not write.

I thought perhaps I could give attention to the marketing side of thing. Ha. No go.

In fact, it’s only when the severe restrictions were lifted that I again found my voice and my energy. How weird we are, right? Time and silence, far less distractions, and the fount of inspiration dries up! Perhaps I am one of those writers who needs a bit of chaos!!

And that's it :) If we find ourselves without an interview to post in the coming weeks, I'll tell you about my most embarrassing moment, and the most inspirational.


12 Lessons people learn too late in life



A rumour went around a while ago that NASA has added a new star sign, which NASA denied, saying the constellation has ever been there and, besides, they do not delve into astrology. Whatever the truth is, seems Ophiuchus would be my sign if the above list became mainstream :)


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As indecisive as Thomas!

Our dear friend, Thomas Henson, has had another face lift. By now you know I have changed the covers before, as doubting as Thomas, as indecisive, lol, so here's to hoping these stay! Doesn't matter, really, nothing serious here, all fun, and therefore it's okay to play with how Thomas is showcased :)

This happened because Thomas will soon be available in audio! Our Friend Thomas Henson is now in review, while Town Thomas is in production. Needed audio covers and decided on something our Thomas simply despises - a garden theme (haha, oh, how he hates the perfect hedge!) - and changed the eBooks too ...

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Writers Wednesday: An interview with Ken Fry

 It's Wednesday, time for a chat! Today we talk to Ken Fry, a prolific writer and master storyteller!

Bestselling, and multi-award-winning British author, Ken Fry, holds a university Master's Degree in Literature and has traveled around the world. The places and events are reflected in his stories and most of his tales are based on his own experiences.

He has extensive knowledge of the Art world, which he acquired while working as a Publisher in a major UK publishing house -- a wholly owned subsidiary of the HEARST Corp of the USA. In his thirteen years with the company, he worked within the Fine Arts and Antiques division of the organisation and controlled four major international titles.

He is now retired and devotes his full time to writing. He lives in the UK and shares his home with 'Dickens' his Shetland Sheepdog.


Silver Medal Winner - Christian Thriller, Readers' Favorite Intl. Book Awards (The Patmos Enigma)

Solo Medalist Winner, Ebook Suspense Thriller, 2017 New Apple Book Awards (The Lazarus Succession)

#1 Best Indie Book 2017 by Read (The Lazarus Succession)

Official Selection in Historical Fiction, 2017 New Apple Summer eBook Awards (The Lazarus Succession)

2017 IAN Book of the Year Awards WINNER in Christian/Religious Fiction (The Lazarus Succession)

2017 UK International Novel Writing Competition, Runner-Up (The Brodsky Affair)

Join Ken Fry's Circle of Readers and get free books and discounts:

Hi, Ken, and welcome to my Writing World! Great to have you here :)

Every writer feels the pull of a story and yet the why and when is different for all. What was
your proverbial light-bulb moment? In other words, what sat you down to start writing for the
first time?

I always wanted to write. I had an American tutor in English who told me I should get into newspapers and write. I guess she liked what I wrote. Of course I never did and ended up on the forever-dreary road of commerce. The closest I got was when I went into publishing with a UK subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation in New York. Once I had retired the only thing I wanted to do was write a book.

I’d been researching the family history and my father’s wartime flying exploits. I discovered a lot of unsettling things.

After some careful thought I realised if I mixed up fact and fiction I had the basis for my first book. My university processes helped a bit but are no guarantee for writing an acceptable and readable book.

That comes with painful experience.

However DYING DAYS was born. It sold 350 paperback copies with a publishing firm who did little or nothing to promote it. I had to do it all. That’s when I went down the Indie route.

Tell us a bit about your process. Do you have a schedule? Do you plan or are you a seat-of-my-pants writer?

I think I am chaotic with the odd signpost to show me the way. I map out what the story is about, the characters, locations and then rely on inspiration. What I write is forever being changed from one day to the next. I never really know how I will end the narrative. It kind of sorts itself out. I just don’t know how some writers’ know every move before they even start. I don’t have that sort of brain.

Sounds much like my process! Now that the world has changed due to a pandemic, how has your writing changed?

Not in the slightest. I live a pretty solitary life and the lockdowns and restrictions haven’t affected me at all. The writing carries on as before.

Many writers in the present either write far more or find themselves unable to write. Have you experienced one or the other in this life-altering time we now live in?

No I haven’t. My output remains constant. The only thing I have noticed is the lack of people about and find myself wanting some human interaction. Perhaps if I say I have become more bored lately would be as far as it goes.

On a more personal front, which four words would you use to describe yourself?

That’s difficult to answer. First off… I’m forever evaluating myself… Lazy ... Emotional … Loyal … Persistent.

Lazy and persistent! You're definitely a writer, haha!! Which four words would you use to describe your work?

Ooooh that’s a hard one as my work is somewhat diverse. Perhaps these four words go some way in answering . Thoughtful… Researched… Compassionate… Bittersweet

Often personal fame and prominence for your work go together, but frequently authors prefer remaining in the background while hoping their work will assume the limelight. Is this true for you, or don’t you mind a bit of fame?

Ha! I could do with a bit of fame. As yet it hasn’t come my way. I’m no shrinking violet and a spotlight or two trained this way wouldn’t be unwelcome!!

Give us an overview of your books to date, and know that we love to read excerpts. Share with us your favourite bit of writing from your latest book.

As an overview my books are a mixture of mainly archaeological/art-based narratives with some Christian style mystique and inference, mixed in with heavy villains, some murders, and suspense. Two books are not. They are part of a three part series, the third of which I have just completed, THE CHRONICLES OF AVELINE. These are set in the 12th Century and the Third Crusade. 

I presume with "latest book" you are referring to a published work. That would be ‘The Keepers Cup.’

This is an archaeological thriller --- a Christian-style fantasy based on the idea that Christ did not die. He survived the crucifixion Most of the action is in the present day involving the Vatican and the archaeologists + some real nasty priests,

My favourite excerpt is a retrospective chapter, when Yeshua (Jesus) and the Magdalene Mary decided that their age is enough for them to depart the world where the Parent awaits them. (God has no masculine or feminine form.) The Cup holds the blood and water of Christ and is used to heal people. It never runs dry.

‘They sat together in silence. Old age had forged its mark upon them. Their bodies had become frail, wrinkled and their hair grey. Yet their eyes shone with an everlasting youth. The time for them to leave their earthly bodies had arrived. There was no fear … only a peaceful joy. Their task was done. Magnificence shone from their eyes.

Mary looked at Yeshua as they stood facing each other, holding hands. “We, husband, are to become as one.”

“Beloved, we are and will always be … one. Let us return to our Parent with universal mind and compassion for all.” He kissed her forehead and she responded in kind.

Locked in an embrace of never ending love, they were wrapped in a descending shimmering white light, which by degrees transformed into one of radiant gold.

Behind it could be heard … the flutter of wings.

They had gone beyond.

Beautiful and moving :) Tell us about your next book (we love to know what to look forward to!)

I’ve just finished Aveline part 3, which to any who have read the two previous parts needs no introduction. All is settled, with a surprising and very bittersweet ending.

What I think you might like to know is what I am ‘planning’ for the next book. The narrative will at this moment in time be contained in one volume.

It begins just before the outbreak of WWI, and will follow the lives of characters known to some, some fictitious, as they get drawn into the conflict. Our initial hero has a recurring dream as he slogs through the battlefields of France. Love and death.

Someone else is also having the same dream... 

We then move to WWII. Different characters, same dream, lots of action. Love and death.

Finally the present day… conflicts and that darned dream again!

I haven't thought of a title yet.

Having read much of your work, I am looking forward to the 'dream' book! Haven't read a story of yours that doesn't draw me in!! Now for fun, let’s ask about the favourite things we all like to read about …

Favourite book 

I have several and will answer a different one each time I’m asked. This time I’ll answer…’GERMINAL’ By Emile Zola

Favourite movie

CASABLANCA with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman…. Again I could name a few more.

Favourite TV series - COSMOS

Favourite colour - BLUE


Favourite drink - TAWNY PORT

Favourite pet - MY DOG. DICKENS.

Favourite place - FLORENCE ITALY….Without a doubt.

Favourite place to write - 

Favourite season - AUTUMN

Favourite pastime (other than writing!) - DRINKING!

Aw, love Dickens!! 
Let’s laugh together! Will you share with us your most embarrassing moment?


(Am so laughing! And now I wonder how you sorted that out ...)
On the flipside, which moment do you regard as your most inspirational?

That’s a hard one. Do you mean personal or non personal? I’ll go for the latter.


Yes, indeed, pivotal and inspiring! And finally, if you could choose one person, living or dead, you would like to meet, who would it be and what would you ask of that person?

ALAN TURING who cracked the Nazi Enigma Code and generated work on the first ever computer, then was arrested for being gay and given the option of chemical castration or prison. He committed suicide. The greatest brain this country and much of the world has ever seen. He helped reduce the war by years.

Q: Alan, I ask of you, for this nation, that you can forgive us for our stupid barbarity. Your work remains legendary today. We would embrace you with all the sadness and love we can offer. Would you, if alive, and your existing counterparts, be prepared to work for this country that has finally opened its eyes. 

The man was a genius, indeed. Thanks so much for talking to us, Ken. It's always great to hear about the man behind the book! Cheers!

Find all Ken's books HERE

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Not blind

This insight speaks to many writers, I believe. By nature, generally speaking, we are introverts, therefore quiet, but we certainly observe - observations that flesh out our tales.


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Writer's Wednesday: An Interview with Lex Allen

Hi, everyone! Today we have the privilege of chatting to Lex, author of the Eloah Trilogy. Let's first find out who Lex is:

Lex Allen is a Texas expatriate living in Germany. He is also a twenty-one-year veteran of the US Army, a twenty-three-year veteran of the Department of Defense (government civilian), and for approximately forty years, a semi-professional musician. He is married to Doris for more than thirty years and they have two sons and three grandchildren. His hobbies include traveling (a lot), International soccer (fan) and golf.

Since 2011, Lex has been a full-time author / book reviewer. He started as an indie author with publication of the first two books of the Imagine Trilogy—No Heaven and No Hell in 2012 / 2013, respectively. Just prior to completion of the third book in the trilogy (No Religion) in 2015, he signed with Evolved Publishing. Upon completion of No Religion, the trilogy books were re-edited, re-covered, and re-branded as the Eloah Trilogy (No Heaven, No Hell, No Religion). A short story prelude to the trilogy (The Druids) was added in 2017. The individual books of the trilogy, a composite box set, and the short story are available wherever eBooks are sold online. The books are also available in paperback and English language Audio. German and Spanish language eBooks, as well as a German language composite paperback, are also available.

Musically, Lex was often “on the road” with various band formations and music styles for almost forty years. His greatest success was lead singer/front man of a semi-professional country rock band in Germany. The band, Honky Tonk Heroes, was active from the mid-80’s to the beginning of the twenty-first century. In 1996, the band signed a recording contract with MCP Records in Austria and recorded two albums (one original songs penned by Lex, and the other a cover album of top country songs of the time). The original album won “Best Album” as well as “Best Band” from the European Country Music Awards in 1997. He currently performs solo “street music” as time and weather permit, as a tool in his book promotion toolbox.

Lex is an official reviewer and affiliate of Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards. He also has his own book review service. Information about LAS Book Reviews is available via email contact at

In his own words, “I am a writer of lies—good lies (per Stephen King’s definition) that challenge the imagination, offer ideas outside-the-box, and remind readers that there is a bit of truth in every lie; all the while providing entertaining, action packed, and mixed genre stories. You’ll find bits of science fiction, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, mystery, and romance; all in thriller format in everything I write.”

Hi, Lex, and welcome! 

Every writer feels the pull of a story and yet the why and when is different for all. What was your proverbial light-bulb moment? In other words, what sat you down to start writing for the first time? 

I can’t recall a particular “moment” but I clearly remember my English Lit teacher telling me, (paraphrasing) “If your career plans do not include creative writing, you’ve made the wrong choice.” As with most of us, “life” happened and a series of events conspired to send me to the Army at the ripe old age of seventeen. I was a fan of Easy Rider magazine (a monthly rag that featured short stories about the Biker life-style). I’d never been a biker, but I loved the stories, and one day decided to write one. In those days, you typed on a typewriter and mailed your product to an agent or publisher. Long story short, Easy Rider bought my story for a whopping $50 but never published it. Thinking back, receiving that check was such a kick that I never stopped writing; although it would be many years later before I actually wrote something for publication.

Tell us a bit about your process. Do you have a schedule? Do you plan or are you a seat-of-my-pants writer?

I’ve read about writer’s who are very strict in their writing regimes. They set themselves start and stop times or a certain number of words per day, etc. I can’t do that. I’m simply not organized or disciplined enough. I write when the urge or inspiration hits me. That could happen any time of day, or as is often the case, night... usually around 3 a.m. Not that I’ve dreamed what I want to write—I’ll simply wake up with a scene in the WIP or the start of a new project, and get up to write it down before I forget it. On those occasions, simply scribbling a note and going back to sleep doesn’t work, because I could never figure out the hieroglyphics the next morning.

I have no real plan, no outline. I’ll have a general idea what I want to write about, but the first draft is simply a flow of ideas and potential characters without a specific target or primary story line. Things tend to sort themselves and take the shape of a real story as I go. That’s not to say that I don’t research. I’d been playing around with an idea for a book several years before I started writing the Eloah Trilogy and I was reading, traveling, re-examining personal experiences that might or might not fit into the book, and gathering reference material a good ten years before I actually sat down to write the book… or, books as they eventually became. Bottom line and a shorter answer... I’m a seat-of-the-pants writer.

Oh, yes, sounds much like my process! When inspiration strikes, then I go to it :)

Now that the world has changed due to a pandemic, how has your writing changed?

Considerably! Suddenly, I had so much more time to write and I took full advantage. But, rather than work on my WIP for Evolved Publishing “Boomer” that was and remains long past due for completion; I was inspired to explore a completely new genre—erotic horror! I read a few books to see how others were handling the genre and then, sat down and started writing. The first story I wrote for Easy Rider became the foundation for the first novella in the erotic horror genre.  I wrote two complete novellas, edited, and published in less than eight weeks! While doing that, I also started teaching myself to write a screenplay. I’m almost finished with a so-called Spec Script for Eloah: No Heaven, the first book in the Eloah trilogy. Who knows where that might go... or not! Regardless, writing scripts and learning a new facet of writing is a lot of fun.

On a more personal front, which four words would you use to describe yourself?

I think I’m ambitious (my wife calls it “driven”).

I am often scatter-brained, my thoughts constantly shifting from one topic or activity to another.

When not performing music, I am introverted, and as I constantly seek new things to do that some call “pushing the envelope,” I am adventurous.

Which four words would you use to describe your work?

Verisimilitude is paramount to my writing efforts. A sense of reality must be present throughout the story from the premise, to the characters, scene setting, and the action in each scene. For example, if one of my characters gets shot in the upper arm with a .45 calibre pistol, he is NOT going to get up off the floor and continue the fight... or anything else.

Mixed genre - I try to appeal to a variety of readers, so I find ways to include several genre and sub-genre into every story.

Thrillers - All my stories, regardless of length are written in a fast-paced, page turning format.

Well researched – I write stories on “hot” topics and present alternatives to the history, philosophy, or current affairs generally accepted by a majority of the populace. I think I spent ten years reading, visiting key locations, watching news and documentary films before actually sitting down to write the Eloah trilogy.

Often personal fame and prominence for your work go together, but frequently authors prefer remaining in the background while hoping their work will assume the limelight. Is this true for you, or don’t you mind a bit of fame?

I’ve been a semi-professional musician (lead singer/frontman) for most of the past 30 years. Off stage, I’m mostly introverted; but, on stage, in the spotlight, I’m a completely different person. I love the stage; it’s like a drug for me. I haven’t reached that level in writing, and I imagine the situation would be much different, but I think I’d love the limelight.

Give us an overview of your books to date, and know that we love to read excerpts. Share with us your favourite bits of writing.

The Eloah Trilogy includes the novels No Heaven, No Hell, and No Religion. There is also a short story prelude to the trilogy – The Druids that provides a quick introduction and background to four characters that appear later in the trilogy.

The overarching storyline provides an alternative history to the Biblical story of Jesus. In the trilogy, the Biblical Jesus was, in fact, Eloah—a human from an advanced society and a parallel universe to our reality. He has returned, not as the Bible predicts, but to stop humanity from destroying itself and the planet, and to correct the inaccuracies of the Biblical story.

An excerpt from chapter 4, No Heaven:

 They returned their attention to the non-dangerous man as he strode up to the priest who held the plate with the Eucharistic Hosts. He rested a hand on the priest’s arm and said, “Father, why are you doing this ritual?”

Good question, bad timing, Jack thought.

The priest opened and closed his mouth several times but didn’t speak. After an exasperated sigh, he responded. “My son, I will be glad to speak with you about the Eucharist and any of the Holy Sacraments after Mass. Please—”

“But this ceremony is a lie,” the man continued. “It is based on an event that did not happen. This ritual is a fictitious rendition of the so-called Last Supper and what I might have said and done.”

Jack glanced at Beth. “Is this a practical joke? Walk up to the priests and pretend he’s Jesus? Is that why the camera crew’s here?”

She shook her head and whispered, “No. For the love of... just listen to what he has to say, and not just with your ears.”

He wanted to think of a witty comeback, but before he could, the mystery man announced himself to everyone in the cathedral.

“My name is Eloah. Two thousand years ago, your ancestors knew me as Yeshua, son of Joseph, or perhaps, as you now remember me, Jesus, the Son of God. I will not use the name Jesus again, for his days have passed and those of Eloah have begun.”

The tourists and the faithful alike all stared at the self-proclaimed Jesus, mesmerized.

For the second time today, Jack had a sense of tunnel vision. The would-be messiah had captured his attention almost as sharply as Beth had, but not for the same reason. Jack felt every hair on his body prickle. If he’d been outside, he would have run for cover, sure that lightning was about to strike.

Eloah continued, “Fear not, for I have not come to herald the end of days as prophesied in your Bible. I have returned to save this world from a nuclear holocaust that will occur in a war between the three major religions. I bear an inadvertent contribution to this pending disaster via the Christian faith... a religious belief established in my name but based on a misinterpretation of my words and intent and a resurrection miracle that did not occur. The Christian religion originated from men in power seeking to control humanity through fear, the fear of death and the hope of an unnecessary salvation.”

Perhaps a practical joke, but no one laughed. Eloah’s words had somehow carried through the entire cathedral, but no one else made a sound.

“My purpose will become clearer in the coming days. In the interim, I have a message for the Catholic Pope.”

Excerpt from chapter 11, No Hell:

 The pope’s anger came more from the shock of the murder scene and the death of his childhood friend than by his inability to complete the Last Rites. His voice, soft and low, but full of menace, sent chills down the spines of the guards. His anger was palpable, and would have wilted lesser men, but the guards maintained their stoic posture between their pontiff and the horror just outside his door.

“I’ll see you all bounced out of the guard. I’ll have you excommunicated! You’ll burn in hell! How dare you interrupt the viaticum?” he’d fumed.

It was bad enough he’d discovered the murders less than a minute after they’d occurred. If only he’d remembered what he’d wanted to tell Cardinal Johnson earlier. He’d have opened the door sooner. At the least, he’d have been there for his friend. The speed and silence of the assault that resulted in three deaths—two of them highly trained Swiss guards, indicated more than one assailant. Perhaps he’d have been able to help fend off the attacker or attackers. As it was, he’d gone out of his office hoping to catch his secretary of state before he’d gotten too far down the hallway and discovered a blood bath.

The pope raged. “Why aren’t you out there hunting down the murderers? Where is your captain? I want him and Colonel Busch here, now! Do you understand me?”

“Perhaps I can be of service.” The soft voice came from behind the pope.

Two of the guards charged forward, lances pointed at the man and raven-haired woman who appeared behind the pope’s back. The third guard grabbed the pope before he could turn around, and after pushing him into a corner, moved in front, shielding him from the new and sudden danger. The mysterious man raised his hands, palms forward freezing the onrushing guards in place.

Incited with a new burst of anger, the pope shoved the guard aside and took several steps forward. “Who are you?” he demanded. “Are you the murderer of three men?”

“I am Eloah, he that your ancestors once called Jesus. I am not a murderer.” He indicated the petite woman next to him. “This is Kate Barrow. Many years ago her name was Mary Magdalene.”

Seeming to ignore the introductions, the pope spun around to the guard he’d moments earlier pushed aside. “Get out. Take your fellow guards with you and send your captain here.” He turned again and pointed at the two frozen guards. “Would you kindly release those two?”

Eloah smiled and the two guards “awoke,” confused. The third guard called to them, but they remained reluctant. Finally, the pope spoke in a quiet voice. “Take your leave and inform the captain I am waiting for him. There is no danger here. This man is not the killer.”


Excerpt from chapter 16, No Religion:

 In the Oval Office, President Kelly Gibson was working late on her speech for tomorrow’s emergency joint session of Congress. Abel and Vice President James Brahman huddled at the coffee table going over notes and editing earlier draft copies of the speech that Abel would provide to the press following the session. Kelly jerked her head up when a voice in her head intruded on her thoughts.

“Madam President, my name is Mishra. I am a friend of Eloah. I didn’t want to alarm you by appearing without warning in your office. If I may, however—”

Kelly spoke aloud, “Yes, please do.” Abel and James started at Kelly’s voice and then followed her gaze towards the French windows that led into the Rose Garden. A tall, broad-shouldered man with shoulder length dark hair arrived from thin air in front of those doors. The stranger smiled and raised his hands, palms forward. “No need for alarm. I am Mishra, and I’ve come at the behest of Eloah.”

Kelly was on her feet, walking forward with her right hand out. “Welcome, Mishra. Any friend of Eloah’s is a friend of ours. Isn’t that right, gentlemen?” She directed the last over her shoulder and grinned when they both jumped to their feet and followed her to the French doors.

Mishra shook everyone’s hands. “I’m sorry, but my visit is not social. Rather, it is of some necessity and urgent.”

Kelly raised her eyebrows. “Oh?”

“Yes. I have to come to warn you. We have discovered a credible warning of an assassination attempt on both you and,” he said as he nodded at James, “the vice president.”

Kelly didn’t hesitate. “Abel, get Agent Witherow in here!”

Mishra held up a hand. “Please. If I may?”

“Abel?” Kelly called him back. Abel, had already taken several steps towards the door, but stopped at her call and returned to stand next to the president.

“Okay, Mishra, please continue.” Before Mishra could however, one of three phones on the president’s desk rang. The private number was available to only a handful of people.

Abel picked up the receiver on the third ring and without preamble, said, “Yes?”

“Abel? I’m told that the president and vice president are there working on the speech for tomorrow. Is that right?”

“Yes, Perry, something I can help you with?”

“I have an important message they both need to hear. Mind if I come over for a few minutes?”

“Would you like to speak to the president over the phone?”

“No, it’s—I really need to pass this information along personally.”

“Hang on, Perry.” Abel held the handset against his chest to mute his voice and said, “He says he has something important to discuss with you and James personally.” He raised his eyebrows asking whether he should grant the requested visit.

Kelly shook her head. “I think now isn’t a good time. Tell him—”

“Madam, I believe this is an exceptionally fortunate time,” Mishra interjected. “Please bear with me and invite him to come.”

Kelly stared at Mishra. “I’ll bear with you after you tell me why Perry’s visit would be fortunate right now?”

Mishra answered with a telepathic message. “Perry is our prime suspect in the assassination attempt.”

Though shocked at this news, her widened eyes of surprise were all that gave her away. Without knowing what she was doing, she thought, “Why don’t I have him arrested?”

“Because he has two co-conspirators, and we don’t know who they are. Bringing them here is to our advantage.”

Kelly paused and then shrugged her shoulders. She nodded her head at Abel.

“Okay, Perry, how soon can you get here? Okay, we’ll be waiting.” Abel placed the receiver back in its cradle. “He’ll be here in about fifteen minutes.” He punched a button on the president’s intercom and instructed the receptionist to announce Perry’s arrival.

The three government officials turned their attention to the alien, Mishra. He expected their need for further explanation. “There is an alien being in this reality that has, for many years, controlled and guided some major events in your history. He has held several names over the past couple of millennia, and—”

“Excuse me,” Abel interrupted. “You’re saying thousands of years?”

Mishra nodded. “Yes, at least that long, but we’re not sure how long. He is not Elohim, nor does he come from any reality where humans exist.”

“So, he’s not human. Is that it?” Kelly asked.

“No, he is not human, although he can take human form. He is powerful, and we know he was present and orchestrated the assassination attempt of Eloah and his group in Jerusalem. Eloah held a brief conversation with this being seconds before the explosion.”

Kelly placed her fingers over her mouth, muffling the “Oh, my God,” figure of speech that slipped out.

Spot on! Explains the atmosphere of each book so well (yes, reader, I have read these and thoroughly enjoyed them!).

Tell us about your next book (we love to know what to look forward to!).

“Boomer” is set in the future and it’s the story of a one-hundred-forty year old man who has decided to die. He’d been a powerful player in world politics and banking—head of the International Monetary Fund and two-term President of the United States. He has a lot of dirt on his hands and conscience, and wants to come clean, as well as free the world from an unthinkable oppressive force. He contacted me, Lex Allen, to write his true-life story in a fictional / autobiographical format. In the process of telling his story, and unbeknownst to me, he must evade capture by the very people and organizations he once presided over. 

Concomitant to this, an ex-Army sniper (and old military friend of mine) has joined a secret organization determined to take justice for the political wrongs committed against the peoples of the world and the planet. This organization is not playing games, they aren’t protesting—they are assassinating politicians and corporate CEO’s that fail to meet their demands, as well as hacking into and destroying their cyber systems of finance and control. And… overshadowing all of this, an alien force that has influenced human development on Earth for thousands of years is more concerned with finding and stopping Boomer than any of the human entities.

Eventually, the hunt for Boomer includes me and my family. My sniper friend comes to my aid and… true to my seat of the pants writing style... the rest is to be determined!

“Boomer” has been “in the making” for a couple of years. Several obstacles... I call them rat turds on the road of life… including some heart surgery, have interfered. But mostly, as mentioned previously, I’ve been teaching myself to write a screenplay and I’m near to completion of a “Spec Script” for Eloah: No Heaven with plans to follow that with No Hell and No Religion. Maybe you’ll get to see these as a TV mini-series someday! LOL

Fingers crossed! Now for fun, let’s ask about the favourite things we all like to read about …

Favourite book: The Dark Tower series by Stephen King                      

Favourite movie: The Sixth Sense

Favourite TV series: Breaking Bad

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Linguine with shrimp, green onions, garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil

Favourite drink: Beer in the summer, Red Wine in winter.

Favourite pet: Dog (We have a 9 years old street dog from Greece that we rescued 8 years ago. Her name is Chloe – after the Greek Goddess of Flowers)

Favourite place: Umag, Istria Peninsula, Croatia, - Andalusia, Spain and Gruene, Texas.

Favourite place to write: My home office

Favourite season: Spring

Favourite pastime (other than writing!): Soccer fan (favorite teams Borrusia Dortmund and Liverpool), music, reading, traveling.

Which moment do you regard as your most inspirational? 

Many things have inspired me over the years... meeting my wife, the births of my children, the moon landing, the assassination of Kennedy, 9-11, the list is endless—from historical global tragedies and accomplishments to simply sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

And finally, if you could choose one person, living or dead, you would like to meet, who would it be and what would you ask of that person?

Hands-down that would be George Carlin. His philosophies, delivered with humor and truth have always fascinated me. I’d ask him how the hell to get out of this horrible world situation we’re in.

Now that I completely identify with! Over the years I've listened to George Carlin a lot, too :) Thanks so much for spending time with us!

More on Lex's Eloah Trilogy:

Eloah: No Heaven - Exclusive to Amazon worldwide and Kindle Unlimited

Could the arrival of Eloah, an Elohim teacher, prove the quantum physics “multiverse” theory? Can he stop a nuclear war that would destroy Earth and every parallel universe attached to the planet?

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Best Thriller

WINNER: Readers' Favorite Book Award - Silver Medal: Young Adult Fiction - Religious Theme


A few Editorial Reviews:

 “Bottom line: The writing is excellent, the execution is excellent, the plotting is paced well and the characters are believable and relatable. Kudos to the author for producing a work of fiction that's, at once, intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun to read.” Reading Glass Reviews


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lex Allen's thriller Eloah: No Heavben for its plot and characters. I was hooked into the story early on with Eloah's dramatic appearances in Germany and Washington, D.C. which provoke unsettling questions about mind-matter-energy relationships. I loved the imagination and inventiveness with which Allen weaves the concepts of quantum and multiverse theories into the thriller. Allen reveals more about Eloah through the characters of Jack, Elizabeth, and Kate, three different people with different reactions and perspectives on religion. The suspense and action in the story intensify as their lives become entangled with Eloah. All has created a strong character in Jack, the skeptic who is not afraid to confront Eloah with questions. The heated dialogues between different characters about religious beliefs and scientific research of the paranormal add depth and tension to the story. Eloah: No Heaven ends on a cliffhanger. I will absolutely be reading Eloah: No Hell and Eloah: No Religion." - Saifunnissa Hassam for Reader's Favorite


"His knowledge of the Bible, first century events, quantum physics,and current science is remarkable. The story is imaginative and  interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome.He does a better job than Dan Brown."  Seeley James Reviews.


Eloah: No Hell - Exclusive to Amazon Worldwide and Kindle Unlimited


Are the ancient druids and the neo-druids of today protectors of a treasure that holds the secrets of the universe?


WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Best Thriller
WINNER: Readers' Favorite Book Award - Bronze Medal: Fiction - Religious Theme


A Few Editorial Reviews:


"Lex Allen's thriller Eloah: No Hell turned into afascinating and very enjoyable read. I loved the way Allen threads the themesof religion, spirituality, good and evil into the story through strongcharacters, intense and edgy settings and dialogues. I loved the imaginativeand vivid way in which Elizabeth and Kate use their psychic and telepathicabilities for time travel to the past, to the time when Jesus was crucified,and Jack's life at that time. The meeting between Pope John Paul III and Eloahis compelling, as the Pope struggles within himself, questioning the truth ofEloah's knowledge of Jesus and the origins of the Church. Allen shows vividlyand forcefully the depths of avarice and corruptibility through two very evil,malevolent and manipulative characters, greedy for power and wealth, and intenton killing Eloah. I am looking forward to reading the conclusion in Eloah: NoReligion!" - Saifunnissa Hassam for Reader's Favorite International Awards


"While the themes and premise of the story are reminiscent of the Da Vinci Code series, Lex Allen's work is faster paced and less mired in the  minutiae of mystery solving. It is not mystery but philosophy that takes center stage here." - ZeecĂ© Lugo


This installment in the trilogy wraps up a lot of threads from the previous "No Heaven" quickly and efficiently. And, while it describes a stupefyingly complex conspiracy, it's written in such a way that it all makes perfect sense - so much sense, in fact, that the reader wonders if, maybe, this could really happen.

The action in this volume really picks up, as well. If there was one complaint I could dig up regarding the "No Heaven" installment, it was that there was a lot of explanation and set up. This book takes all of that and pays off in grand fashion. The twists and turns, and the thrills, ratchet up at a steady pace, pushing faster and faster all the way to the end that culminates in a huge event that may mean the end, or may mean things are only just beginning. No matter which, the ending of this volume was extremely satisfying. Answering plenty of questions and posing quite a few more. Most of all, leaving me feeling excited and eager to get my hands on the next volume.

If you're looking for well-developed characters, an intellectually stimulating story-line and plenty of twists, turns and action, I highly recommend this book and its predecessor. Kudos to the author! – Reading Glass Reviews


Eloah: No Religion - Exclusive to Amazon Worldwide and Kindle Unlimited

A spectacular global holograph captures the world’s attention, as supernatural beings engage in conclusive battle. The fate of Earth and all its parallel universes lies in the balance.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Summer 2019 - Best Thriller

A few Editorial Reviews:

"Lex Allen's Thriller Eloah: No Religion has become a haunting reading experience for me, I like the vivid and convincing way Allen develops the intense battle between Eloah and the demon Alpha, and Eloah is unwavering in his commitment to his peace keeping mission. Alpha is relentless, vicious and murderous in its greed for power and control. I liked the inclusion of passages of self-reflection and dialogues that Allen has created for the pope and the US president. The pace is fast and thrilling, and I like the sudden twists and turns as the struggle overlaps with Eloah's worldwide transmission of a holographic account of historical events. I have enjoyed Eloah: No Religion for its complex characters, great imagination, and thought provoking subjects religion, spirituality, and science."~ Saifunnissa Hassam for Reader's Favorite Intl 'Awards

 “The first book in the series (Eloah: No Heaven) revealed that the most important person in the history of religion is not from heaven, but from a parallel universe. The next volume (Eloah: No Hell) showed us that hell is right here on earth and now - not after death - and now comes the third book (Eloah: No Religion), which shows us how we should live without 4,000 years of religious baggage, in a new way, a rebirth for a new era, just as Eloah alias Jesus ushered in a new era 2000 years ago."~ Guy Teague (Abilene Reporter News)

“ELOAH: NO RELIGION by Lex Allen is the most unusual and unique take on Jesus and religion that I have ever read. Whether you are an atheist, agnostic, or born-again Christian, if you are curious and have an open mind, you can’t help but be drawn into this fascinating tale. Mr. Allen’s easy-to-read writing style flows like a dream and is superb. The story is fast-paced and distinctive, and the characters are varied and realistic. I highly recommend ELOAH: NO RELIGION to anyone who enjoys a story that besides entertaining you—makes you think; and even challenges your beliefs.” - Best Selling Author Carol Marrs Phipps

eBook Boxset direct from the Evolved Publishing at great savings! Here:

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