Saturday, January 30, 2021

Life is tricky, baby ...

Writing helps!


In writing mode

Hi, everyone! Forgive the silence for the last week here, but writing inspiration has returned and I have been tapping away at my keyboard. Ancient Terra's book 3 (Lykandir) is coming along nicely and the first draft should be done SOON!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

FYI: Thomas H's covers

By now you know Thomas Henson has issues. Given his amusing journey to self-hood, recently I updated the two Thomas covers with a tongue-in-cheek style. Those who have read or listened to these not-so-serious-at-all stories will get the covers, although to new readers browsing by, they may appear somewhat basic, lol. Still, thought I'd give them just that little added bit of bling, to catch the eye, so to speak. These are still updating on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, so you're the first to get a look-see. Laugh, it's okay! Nothing serious here at all :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Your next escape!

FingerNale Tales

Still have a fair few promo codes available for both the US and UK. Listen for free in exchange for a one sentence review! Comment below if interested :)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Nemisin Star now in review

Okay, so I listened to the audio this week in order to approve it, and landed up in tears, especially when a much-loved character dies. Colby Baker did an outstanding job of narrating this! Nemisin is now in review :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

It appears stuff still happened ...

Well, we can now say we're already well on our way into the new year. Still, today, I was thinking about 2020. Besides the reality of what happened to us collectively, I wondered if I even achieved anything last year. It certainly feels as if I didn't, that from mid-March onward absolutely nothing happened in my world of writing. Sitting down, I thought I'd make a list, mostly to disprove a feeling of unworthiness. Surprise, surprise, despite days, weeks, months of doing 'nothing', it appears stuff still happened.

For instance, audio books; in 2020 the following audio books were completed:


FingerNale Tales

The Bartender

Ancient Illumination

Our Friend Thomas Henson & Town Thomas

Ethereal Musician

Our Lanterns Glow

The Kallanon Scales

The Drowned Throne (complete but still in review)

TINSAL (complete but still in review)

On the translation front, too, there was movement:

El Legado Infinito (The Infinity Mantle - Spanish)

Ilfin di Arc (Ilfin of Arc - Italian)

Le Barman (The Bartender - French)

El Cantinero (The Bartender - Spanish)

O Bartender (The Bartender -Portuguese)

A Artista (The Artist - Portuguese)

La Artista (The Artist - Spanish)

L'Artiste (The Artist - French)

L'Artista (The Artist - Italian)

Created new covers for:

Farochin: The Terraformed World (and Lykandir: The Measured World but that is a WIP at this time)

The Infinity Mantle audio book

The Kinfire Tree audio book

(also for The Drowned Throne and The Dragon Circle but those didn't need to change online)

Regarding actual books ...

Collated the short stories and extras from my LORE into Song of the Spaces

Published Our Lanterns Glow: Finding Light in 2020

Published the paperback version of the Lore of Reaume omnibus, as well as for Lore of Sanctum

Published Feast Night and African Moon (short stories)

The Caregiver went live 31 Dec 2020 (actually uploaded  01 Jan 2021, according to Irish time, but that translated as the final day of 2020 in the US)

Not too shabby. Did good :)

Kittens and brides


Monday, January 4, 2021

Updated to include The Caregiver

 The Novellas and Short Stories page has been updated as well and has all relevant links :)

L'Artista now available

Still waiting on the Amazon link, but meanwhile here's the Apple Books link. Do tell your Italian friends!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Book of Being

You will have noticed there's a 'theme' going on when you squint at the previous two posts. The Artist, The Bartender, and now The Caregiver. A B C, right? And you'd be on the mark if you copped that. I am gradually writing a short story (some may be novellas) for each letter of the alphabet. This is not a series - the characters in no way relate to each other - but I intend to put them all, when done, into one volume. The title (at the moment) for the collection is Book of Being, for these are stories about real people (although, be warned, each has a slight supernatural or psychological twist). 

Given my commitment to Redwing Productions, time to write is scarce (and recently motivation has been missing also), and it will therefore be some time before all 26 stories are ready. Right now I'm halfway with The Student (cover ready) and The Orphan (still deciding on a cover); you will note I'm not following the alphabet to the letter :)

New Release: The Caregiver


A caregiver acts as confessor to an infamous patient.

Emma Reed is Ward Sister at a frail care centre. When Celeste Harwood is admitted, she is suspicious of the woman’s motives. Has Celeste come to hide from the world? If so, that is not right; her bed is needed for someone deserving.

When Emma sees how wary the nurses are of Miss Harwood, she understands something else is at work. Her doctor arrives and tells a tale of murder, of a woman about to suffer a terrible death, and Emma’s curiosity is aroused.

Fortunately, Celeste wants to share her story …

The Caregiver

2 covers blinged a bit

 Uploaded tweaked covers yesterday - same but with some bling.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Cheers Reviews Page

Because Mon the 4th will see editing projects for Redwing Productions commence, now is the time to finish off those changes and tweaks I mentioned in December. Yes, I know, I intended to do so between Christmas and New Year but, well, catching up on a few Netflix shows just did it for me instead :) To that end, you will have noticed a somewhat refreshed look to this blog, and am now removing the Book Reviews page. Below are a few screenshots of some of my favourite reads. The 'Book Review' label will lead you to reviews posted here (long list, as stated in a previous post), so don't despair, the reviews remain.

Thank you :)

Thank you to everyone who downloaded copies of my freebies on Smashwords during the sale (A fair few, thanks so much). Happy reading! If you enjoy them, please pop a review up - much appreciated!!