Sunday, December 12, 2021

LORE's complete picture

Posted this over on the Lore Series blog and thought I'd share here also. This is the complete picture for all the tales that encompass Torrullin Valla's epic journey through time. Of course, Avaelyn is still in progress and thus will the Ancient Terra omnibus only come after Avaelyn's completion, but this is the complete picture as I see it at this point :)


Now available!

The dude in the mirror is trying to kill her!

Ivy moves into an overgrown cottage in the back of beyond two days before Christmas. She soon discovers that the old place keeps old secrets. The mirror above her mantlepiece is not what it seems. Ash and oil footsteps appear from nowhere, as does writing on a wall.

Is her refuge haunted? Ha, well, she’ll decorate the bejeezus out of it, overwhelm whatever it is with pretty baubles and blinking lights. Not everyone loves Christmas as much as she does, after all.

A good plan indeed … until Gabriel introduces himself.

Old houses certainly do keep old secrets.

Friday, December 10, 2021

Update and apology

Hello, everyone! Let me start with saying I'm sorry it has been quiet here. I have missed posting with regularity, but there have been good reasons :) Those reasons form part of the update as stated in the title. Firstly, four new translations, two of which are now complete and published (still waiting on Amazon, though), two of which are in final stages.


(in progress)

While that was going on, I prepared my short story - G A B R I E L - from the Christmas anthology published in 2018 as a standalone, including a bonus chapter and epilogue. This has now been uploaded, and I'll post the blurb and link once it's live.

Besides other duties I simply couldn't ignore, AVAELYN; The Enshrouded World has seen some action. My intention was to have a first draft ready by year end and I put my shoulder to the wheel, so to speak. At 100k words, though, it's not near finished! Hopefully the Christmas break will offer more time to add to the story before editing can commence. Seriously, my characters are misbehaving, and I'm already thinking that the WIP cover I have will need to change to reflect that.

All in all, something had to give to keep up with so many tasks, and that meant social media and blog posts. Hopefully normal routines will resume shortly … then again, um, Christmas …

Speaking of Christmas, I do have some intriguing reads available!

Chat again soon :)