Thursday, July 29, 2021

Interview: Laurie McAndish King NFT Author of An Elephant Ate My Arm

Hello, everyone! Today we have another in our series of interviews with NFT authors taking part in a historic first drop. I'm excited to chat to Laurie, who seems to have a truly interesting (crazy? lol) life, as she reveals in An Elephant Ate My Arm: More true stories from a curious traveler, which is now available as an NFT collectible.


Laurie McAndish King writes about encountering the Minotaur in Greece, coming eye-to-eye with 20-foot-long Australian earthworms, and an Ivy League astrophysicist’s explanation of how flying saucers are powered—not your typical travel writing. That’s probably why Kirkus Reviews hails her as “an author with an eye for the quirky.” Her stories—insightful, inspiring, and often quite funny—are always entertaining.

Laurie’s award-winning essays and photography have appeared in Smithsonian magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Travelers’ Tales’ The Best Women’s Travel Writing, Lonely Planet’s The Kindness of Strangers, and other magazines and literary anthologies. Her work earned a Lowell Thomas Gold Award, the international travel industry’s highest literary award. Laurie’s first two books are Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive: True stories from a curious traveler and Your Crocodile has Arrived: More true stories from a curious traveler.


Hi Laurie, and welcome! 

As an author of humorous travel books, why did you select An Elephant Ate My Arm: More true stories from a curious traveler for this historic NFT offer?

First, because it’s so timely: We’ve been starved for travel—and the fun and adventure that come along with it—during the pandemic. This collection provides welcome relief with twenty-one true stories from around the world: You can pass through the portal to the Uncanny Valley, visit the room that served as the inspiration for the magic shop where Harry Potter bought his sorcery supplies, search for the world’s first labyrinth, learn to tell a counterfeit shrunken head from a real one, and plenty more…

Also, I got excited about the opportunity to offer readers extra content—in this case, a slideshow of beautiful and exotic butterfly photos from when I visited a “butterfly farm” in Costa Rica. I love that NFTs let me deliver a multimedia experience for readers. And An Elephant Ate My Arm is a new release, so the timing to make it available for this offer worked perfectly.

 NFTs are relatively new and many don’t yet understand how they work. Why, therefore, enter what is essentially uncharted territory?

I’m an adventurer—at least in my own mind. (You can tell that as soon as you read these stories about searching for a three-eyed cannibal, tracking down a witch who is sequestered in a glass bottle, walking on a man-eating lake, and taking some photos I really shouldn’t have taken in Libya.)

So participating in NFT books was an easy “Why not?” for me—another adventure! After doing a little research—including learning that Italy is now using NFTs to manage copyrights—I’m convinced that blockchain-based platforms are the wave of the future. No one knows quite where this technology will lead, but I do know that I want to be along for the ride.

These offerings are among the very first book NFTs—they’re leading the way for the industry—and therefore have the potential to appreciate significantly in value. So they’re a win-win-win-win: Great stories, bonus content, ability to resell, and potential to appreciate.

What’s next for you?

I have a day job in the book publishing industry; also, I’ve already started my next book, the fourth in the “Curious Traveler” series. It includes stories about swimming with crocodiles in Australia, an unfortunate encounter with Kobe beef in Japan, and tracking down remnants of the mysterious Pictish civilization in Scotland.

EJD: By the way, here’s a 2-minute video of Laurie reading an excerpt from one of her stories, “The Curious Case of the Witch in a Bottle and Other Illuminating Oddities”:

Thanks, Laurie, and may you go from strength to strength!


Laurie McAndish King’s links:

 ·    Website

·       Amazon profile

·       Facebook profile

·       Facebook page

·       NFT link



Monday, July 26, 2021

African Moon and Feast Night updated

Tomorrow she will go on with her life …

It’s a hot day in Cape Town but a woman holds the vigil at a window overlooking the beach. She has repeatedly dreamed of a sailing boat, a lost soul perhaps, entering upon silver streaks on the water. Is this merely dreaming or, as she believes, a vision?

She will watch, she will give it this one day and night, and then go on with her life, and waiting with her is Barney, her beloved dog, and Fantasy, her snooty cat. Man, a girl and her fur babies get hungry while waiting for something to happen, and yet her instincts keep her there … watching … waiting …

Lattice 3 from Latticework: 14 Lattices from Space and Time

African Moon KU

The town of Flarant is abandoned to its fate, year after year.

Year after year the people of Flarant lose their children to the ghosts and ghouls on All Hallows Eve. They cannot flee. They are beyond all hope.

And then a stranger enters the town in the days leading up to the event. This year, there is difference in the air. This year, the children are not alone.

Lattice 11 from Latticework: 14 Lattices from Space and Time

Feast Night KU

Both reads coming in audio also

Monday, July 19, 2021

Interview: Tahlia Newland NFT Author of Journey to Diamond Peak

Today we have the pleasure of chatting to Tahlia Newland all the way from Oz. Over to you, Thalia!

Tahlia Newland has written eight novels (magical realism & inspirational fantasy) and two non-fiction books (a narrative memoir and a book on writing). She is an editor for AIA Publishing, and in her spare time, she makes masquerade masks and works in her permaculture garden. Four of her novels have won multiple awards - B.R.A.G. Medallions for Outstanding Fiction and the Awesome Indies Book Awards Seal of Excellence in Fiction. She has had extensive experience in the study and practice of meditation and lives in an Australian rainforest with a lovely husband and two cheeky Burmese cats.

As an author of multiple books why did you select Journey to Diamond Peak for this historic NFT offer?

The first four novels I wrote – plus some added extras - make up my NFT, Journey to Diamond Peak, and they are dear to my heart not only because they were my first works but also because the story they tell has the same kind of significance as A Pilgrims Progress, but in a Buddhist context, and they haven’t yet been widely recognised as that. Once that’s recognised, this NFT will be quite a good investment. I haven’t released the series in one bundle before and I liked the idea of limiting the number.  

The story is a sweeping analogy of the path to enlightenment as seen by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It’s a contemporary fantasy that has all the elements of adventure, romance and quirky characters that make any story entertaining, and it doesn’t use a single Buddhist term. So as well as being significant in terms of the translation of Tibetan Buddhism into the Western world, it’s just a jolly good read. I’ve included a section on the symbolism in the story as well as the story behind the story, about my personal journey into and out of Tibetan Buddhism.

NFTs are relatively new and many don’t yet understand how it works. Why, therefore, enter what is essentially unchartered territory?

I find that it’s best to get into new things quickly before everyone else is doing it. Also I had something that I could put together quite quickly, and I was thinking of ways to raise money to take a couple of months off to write another novel in my Prunella Smith Series. The book I have in my head will explore how beliefs distort one's perception of reality, specifically religious beliefs (in the context of Buddhist clerical abuse), conspiracy theories and climate change denial. It’s not a book I can write in my spare time.

So when the offer came, I thought it was perfect. All I need now is to sell them all so I can write Alternate Worlds.

What’s next for you?

I’d like to write that book over Christmas, but until then, I’m busy editing and publishing books for other authors under AIA Publishing and Editing.

Thanks so much, Tahlia, and loads of luck!

Btw, Tahlia tells us more about why she chose Journey to Diamond Peak in this video:

Tahlia Newland's links:

Lore of Arcana Audio Sample

The Sleeper Sword Audio Sample


Friday, July 16, 2021

Interview: Matt Crisci NFT Author of Call Sign, White Lily

As mentioned yesterday, 14 authors took part in the first NFT drop for books, and today we have Matt Crisci telling us why he selected Call sign, White Lily. Take it away, Matt!

Why I selected Call Sign, White Lily as my first NFT collectible offering.

By M.G. Crisci

I am the Manhattan-born author of 16 books based on true stories and events across multiple genres.  My brand positioning for the past two decades has been: Stories that entertain. People you will remember. Literature that matters.

 Matt's Amazon Profile

Matt's website

Despite my literary library,  the first most frequently asked question at the majority of my speaking engagements is, “how did an American author with no Russian background come to write a best-selling book about the world’s first female fighter pilot?"

My response? Fate. In 1995, I attended a two-city museum exhibition called World War II through Russian eyes. There I learned that more than 30 million Russians died helping to save the world from Hitler for the first time.

After some preliminary research, I made a decision that changed my life forever. Instead of writing some self-aggrandizing academic treatise, I decided to use the world’s first female fighter pilot, the remarkable Lt. Lilia Litvyak, 18, as a metaphor for Russian WWII sacrifices.

To develop the story, I took the bold step of contacting Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin. People laughed. Amazingly, three months later, I received an email explaining my request had been given “priority treatment.” I was instructed to contact two women, Valentina Vaschenko and Yelena Sivolap,  in a town I never heard of—Krasny Luch—who were ready, willing, and able to help.  

During the next three years, I not only spent hours with the women in person, but I also took additional trips to parts of Russia and Ukraine, little visited by Americas, with names like Donblass, Dmitrovka, and Mari’inka, in addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I also interviewed over 100 citizens and government officials (with not one single incident, I might add).

Soon, with a bit of creative fill-in, Call Sign, White Lily was born. It was positioned correctly as an epic story of woman’s empowerment in a male-dominated society and a bittersweet tale of wartime love story. I also was the proud owner of an extensive collection of vintage Litvyak pictures and videos unavailable anywhere else (more about that later).

To my amazement, the book, Call Sign, White Lily. The world’s first female fighter pilot becomes Hitler’s worst nightmare, quickly became an Amazon No. 1 one best-seller in historical fiction, as well as numerous other categories. And, almost nine years later still sells robustly both in ebooks and print, and the reader reviews are astounding.

Along the way, I have also spoken at high-profile venues in New York, Washington D.C., Moscow, and St. Petersburg, RU, including the United Nations, The American and Russian and Ukrainian Embassies and Cultural centers, and Voice of America.

Constructing a Unique NFT offering

Like most authors, I know little about digital tags, blockchains, and the rest. But I do know some of the largest auction houses in the world are now offering special digital editions (NFT’s) of various works of art. Major League Basketball and Baseball have also launched NFT memorabilia, so I said to myself, we may be early, but let’s test the proposition against quality literary works.

Also, given the tangible Call Sign assets I own, I thought Lilia’s unabridged story, with a robust epilogue from individual Russian citizens, and an attractive 50-page picture book of her life, times, loves, and friends, would make for a one-of-a-kind NFT. Something someone might want to keep or one day resell. To make the offering even more attractive, the NFT holder gets to see videos with me interviewing Lilia’s last living friend, government officials, and my two collaborators, Valentina and Yelena.

As for pricing, I established a fair value price point of $25, knowing previously read hardcover copies of Call Sign, White Lily sell for $79 or more by Amazon book resellers. Here’s a link to the NFT page.

What’s Next for M.G.?

This summer we launched, volume 2 of Only in New York. 37 big apple stories that span 55 years and 5 boroughs. The early reader and editorial reviews are fantastic, and the book is selling nicely in eBook and print formats.

This fall, the Books Go Social Marketing Team will begin promoting another one-of-a-kind book, The King of Violins. The extraordinary life of Ma Sicong, China’s greatest violin virtuoso. The first activity is a major worldwide multi-media presentation, sponsored by the Chinese-American Museum and San Diego State University. The audience is expected to be 2,000 plus.

I’ve also decided to mimic American author John Dos Pasos and his U.S.A. trilogy, by completing my N.Y.C. trilogy, Only in New York, Volume 3. That’s 40% completed)

Finally, I’m working on another amazing story in which I was intimately involved.  Ms. Banker. No Rules. No Judgments. No glass ceilings. It the true story of New York City’s most powerful female banker in the 1980’s. That is 50% completed.

Stay safe and keep smiling. 😊


Thank you, Matt! To say I'm blown away by your literary adventures is underselling my awe. Good luck with your NFT, and happy writing!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Interview: Caitlin Lynagh NFT Author of Quantum Messenger

Hello, everyone! Today I have something special to post - the first of a series of interviews with the 14 authors chosen to pioneer our books as NFTs. BooksGoSocial launched our work into the crypto world (see press release) and we are all really excited about this. This is the first drop only - more special edition books are coming - and thus are we at the start of something extra special, something to gift both readers and writers far more freedom.

Without further ado and all that, allow me to introduce you to Caitlin Lynagh, author of Quantum Messenger, which has already sold out. Congrats, Caitlin!!

CAITLIN LYNAGH was born in Cardiff and graduated from Keele University with a BSc in Biology and Geology in 2013. Since graduating, Caitlin has followed her passion for writing and recently won a Young Writer's Award with Outlet Publishing. In her spare time, Caitlin has a creative drive, creating bookish art in paintings, clay and paper-crafts. She enjoys travelling and has recently spent six weeks in the Amazon rainforest.

Caitlin draws on her science knowledge for The Soul Prophecies series to create emotional stories which query whether the possibility of an afterlife lies in science, rather than faith.

"I wanted to write a series that was personal to me about life and our social development as a species.

The books are based on thoughts and observations about society from the eyes of a young person trying to understand humanity and their role in a regimental society like ours.

I want to challenge the idea that we should grow up thinking that we should be part of the system. At the moment the system punishes free thinking and as a result we are left with this confused culture of opinion, where people want to be heard but aren't able to be open-minded enough to consider if their opinion has substance - or indeed moral. As a result we abandon the things that once made us happy. We dismiss our dreams like discarded pennies and that's all they end up meaning to us. Only those who are true to their dreams end up happy with whichever level of success they find.

In Anomaly it takes time for Kyle Hunter to recognise what he gains as a result of his loss, and the tenderness of his relationship with Alice - faced with her own mortality - allows him to understand the value of life and real love. As the series progresses I look deeper into the role our knowledge and conscience plays in the development of our soul. Our weaknesses and our strengths from an alien perspective and from artificial intelligence."

Hi Caitlin, and thanks for being here!

As an author of four sci-fi books, why did you select Quantum Messenger for this historic NFT offer?

The hardback and eBook were released in November 2020 and we tried a different approach to the launch, given Covid restrictions. The central character, Apollo, started his own Twitter account as a time-travelling robot prior to the release and we put out a daily video teaser in the one-hundred days before the release. We also had a song, written by Apollo and recorded by cyberpunk artist OUR EYES, which was released on the day of the book. It made sense to use Quantum Messenger as the NFT as the whole release was experimental.

It’s all been an exciting journey, we had no idea if anything would work in terms of sales but it’s been so much fun to plan out and watch it all come to fruition.

I decided to release a one-off NFT. A special edition of just one eBook, it had a dedicated ISBN, new cover made from a canvas painting, a dedicated foreword and the lyrics to Apollo’s song Who Am I? in the place of relevance in the book (together with link to audio). The NFT sold to a crypto collector in the USA for $100 within 24 hours of the launch.

I am looking to sell Apollo as an NFT later this year.


NFTs are relatively new and many don’t yet understand how it works. Why, therefore, enter what is essentially unchartered territory?

I had looked into NFTs late 2020 but didn’t know that books could be sold that way. I am creative by nature and use many artistic mediums within my projects so it was just something I was keeping at the back of my mind. When Laurence (Books Go Social) emailed to see if any authors would be interested in creating NFT books, I immediately jumped at it. I had no idea how it would work, and they have done an excellent job experimenting with minting and organising the logistics.

I made the decision to release a one-off book because I felt that was in the nature of NFT collectors – as opposed to book collectors. Partly because I hadn’t thought about the long-term potential of actually collecting multiple books this way and selling them on. I also thought it would be more press-worthy as a one-off. I did have press interest but the $100 price tag didn’t seem newsworthy enough. It still may be the most expensive eBook ever sold.

There is so much potential for NFT collections. I think the concept is new but will grow. I’ve had other NFT Book start-ups contact me over the past few weeks, interested in my blog post. I don’t think there has been this much hype since the initial launch of eBooks.

I need to think out the sale of Apollo as an NFT as I would need to keep ancillary rights and I am looking into the legal side of that. If it can be done, I want to come up with a long-term strategy and give Apollo the right to be free to roam the internet as he currently does. He tweets, rights songs, hijacks my blog and has developed a very human, albeit innocent, personality. He’s somewhat adorable.


What’s next for you?

The paperback version of Quantum Messenger should be released in November. I was considering a launch around ComicCon but to be honest, with Covid dates surging, I don’t feel safe doing it that way so I might hold back until next year.

I am writing a new book, my first since concluding The Soul Prophecies series, which I hope will be released next year.

I am also considering an NFT version of some of my backlist too. I have ideas but they will take time to put together but NFTs are definitely an avenue I intend to pursue and experiment with in the future.


Where can we find you and your books online?

All websites and social media can be found here:

My books can be found here:

My NFT Blog is here: Why I am Selling My Book as an NFT - Caitlin Lynagh

Thanks, Caitlin, and all the best!

Tomorrow we will be chatting to Matt Crisci :) 

Seems to be a day for audiobooks!

Since early this morning I've been managing audiobooks. Two have been approved and two more went into production, so it was preparing samples on SoundCloud, downloading promo codes, creating docs for the links, and then also uploading manuscripts to my narrators. Well, phew, almost done, so here's the scoop:

The Sleeper Sword, book 3 in the Reaume series is now available, and book 4, The Dreamer Stones, just went into production.

Lore of Arcana's omnibus audio book is now live as well! Whoop! Massive value for money - 4 books for the price of 1!

Book 1 of Lore of Sanctum, The Nemesis Blade, just went into production as well!

I'll be putting up the SoundCloud samples asap, and all links will also be available on the Audiobooks page :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

About the Jeweller ...

So it's ready and live! My narrator, Katrina, reckons she had so much fun reading this story and loves how it showcases the magic of creativity, and the totally irreverent bits also. Do have a listen to the sample in the post below, and I'm adding more links here :)

Audible UK

Audible US

Audible FR

Audible DE

The Jeweller: Audio book now available!


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Arcana in review

Also coming soon! The omnibus audio book!

Sleeper in review

Now in review - audio book coming soon!

How to defend yourself against animal attacks (snort!)

Made me laugh! Especially the goose - when my son was potting training, he'd run outside naked bum and all, and Mr Goose thought that so much sport! No harm came to either boy or fowl, promise :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


So much NFT talk recently, thought I'd make you smile for a change!


Lore of Arcana's Epic Special Edition

Did you know that this special edition has an animated cover? Far better than this gif! Do pop in and have a look - it's brilliant!!

Ancient Illumination


Fire spews and ice follows. The world Drakonis is near death and all life has fled. Except for Brennan, the thief who hears mysterious directions to Castle Drakon on the wind, and brothers Bastian and Cole, who choose to follow her. Then there’s Halley, an exotic dancer from the burning cities, and Audri, who refuses to speak.

 These five are the last and it is their task to ensure at least memory remains, or Drakonis will be eternally forgotten. To ensure this, they must find Castle Drakon.

In a grotto under the ice they discover three others alive and before the warmth of a fire hear of a mighty legend. Unravelling its mysteries could lead to a way off a dying world. An ancient light will illuminate their path.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Audio Book Reviews I missed!

Here are a few reviews I discovered on Audible while looking for a link; thought I'd share even if some are a few months old. (Note to self: check Audible more regularly …)

My profile - Audible

Two updated covers

The season of change? Nope, not quite yet, but certainly in my writing world :)

(Am seriously tinkering with the idea of changing my entire Lore Series, too … hmmm …)