Redwing Productions Editing Service

Due to demand, I now have a website to service editing requests, as well as formatting demands. Please visit REDWING PRODUCTIONS and browse a bit!

Options and rates are included, and your book will be included in Redwing's Gallery.

Redwing's list of satisfied clients:

Rashieda Khan (Travel)
Kelsey Reed (YA Fantasy / Thriller)
Nicole Nielsen (Texas Romance)
Hannah Warren/Byron (Historical)
Toni Cox (Fantasy)
Jeff Blackmer (Historical Fantasy)
Sian B. Claven (Horror)
Joanne Sexton (Romance)
Michael W. Huard (Gothic Fantasy)
Carolyn Dahman (Thriller)
Paul Rudd (Horror Fantasy)
Richard Rhys Jones (Horror Fantasy)
Teresa Geering (Fantasy)
Thomas Ramakalema (Self-help)
Cora Groenewald (Children's Stories)
Bianca Pheasant (Crime)
... to name but a few ...

A selection of completed projects: Some are formats, others proofreads, but the majority are edits.

Alternatively, contact me via email:

Briefly, and this is taken from the website, here's pricing guidelines, as well as a list of our services:

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