Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fourteen, a magical number

‘Fourteen is the universal number upon which all magic is based…for the Valleur. It is true the rest of the universe also regards the number as important, but they essay various reasons. We build fourteen sacred sites per world in keeping with that philosophy, and that is also the first tradition. The second is the order in which these sites are erected; first the Lifesource, then the Throne-room and thereafter the rest. The third tradition is the passing of the Dragon from Vallorin to heir at the appointed time, although it is understood it is more than just symbolic tradition. The fourth is the safekeeping of the Oracles; the fifth, the scrying of a newborn’s name and the sixth is this ceremony of today. The seventh is the learning of sorcery beyond what we inherently know. The eighth is the absolute autonomy of the Vallorin; we are not, nor were we ever, a democracy. The Vallorin is the power. The ninth is Nemisin’s runes, to be known only to the House of Valla, and the tenth is our longevity both natural and enhanced through the ages by what we know. The eleventh is our total intolerance of evil…’ He stumbled there, but recovered well. ‘The twelfth is a belief in prophecy and the thirteenth…well, we regard ourselves as master-builders, and build with heart, soul and magic. And the fourteenth? For as long as one Valleur lives, we were first and will be last in all things.’
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