Monday, May 24, 2010


‘What do you know?’ he whispered wretchedly. ‘What am I?’
She bent closer to cup his face, which he did not feel, but the others saw his skin glow translucent gold. She didn’t speak, yet he heard her, but it wasn’t mindspeak; hers was a whisper of song his own talents translated into comprehensible sounds like to words, yet couldn’t be.
You will find him, Lifegiver.
He didn’t ask with words either. The man with dark eyes?
Him, yes, but the time is far away, far, far away from today. This is a chapter apart from that time.
Who is he?
Your soul, Lifegiver. Be patient. You are not ready this time.
This time? Lifegiver?
A beatific smile shone over him as she withdrew. You are strong, Rain. The time approaches to awake.
More than destiny. Completion. Oneness. The knowing and ultimate sharing with another. Heart’s Desire. The road there, however, is hard and filled with loss and pain, but know all is brought together to create you true soul. Be patient, Lifegiver.
She withdrew her whispering song from him and turned deliberately away to find Tanos. The communication, which rocked his established beliefs, was over. He took a step backward, still staring at her, then another, and halted like that, gripping the gem with white fingers.
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