Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prophecy or warning?

The pages settled and Teighlar squinted over the book. ‘Here…’ He pointed vaguely and started to read: ‘In time beyond measure there lies a great mystery, one no man shall uncover without the synchronisation of heart, mind and soul. Let it be known that time is dependent on these factors, but not so the measurement of it. In much the same way is past, present and future presented, for heart is past, mind is present and soul is future. It is a truth that the heart heals, the mind soothes and the soul sees the potion of forever. Yet this is a mere portion of oneness, even as they are imperative in maintaining wholeness from the outset. In time before, time after and time to come, travel was, is and will be limited by the strength of such synchronisation, although it be granted that travel is able in artificiality, more so in magic, less so in mechanics. Yet, as in most ideals, there is exception; on an olden orb be the reality portal four in ten, but be warned, the way is filled with hazards and many dangers, and no journey should ever be undertaken lightly or without extreme thought. Travel negates time and time negates travel. Listen to the heart, hear the mind and know the soul is at greatest output when wish is will and will is wish. Friend, reader, listener, wish for will seeks an eternal companion, for no sentient should be alone in time unbound and yet therein lays error and trial. No sentient is created exact and same, thus difference is challenge, danger and also greatest gift. The mystery is revealed when hearts beat as one. Oneness lies in the flight of a beating heart, borne aloft only by wings of mist. Safeguard all your futures; flee from the shadows mist brings your way.’
Teighlar fell silent, and that silence stretched on, and then: ‘Who wrote that?’ Tristan voice sounded strained.
Teighlar passed the book over. ‘It is Luvan.’
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