Thursday, September 16, 2010

ART for our WRITING world

I'm fortunate to know really amazing artists and every time I see their work, not only am I blown away by talent and colour and fantastic works, but also see it gracing book covers. The writer in me ever has a gleam in her eye when she sees images like to the ones on display here!
These are a small selection of a really good friend's work. Everything Shaune paints has absolute atmosphere and I'm sure you can SEE it on a book cover...go on, close your eyes and SEE it!
Here's the link for Shaune's blog: stop by and browse more of her work. Details to contact her for contracting for art for your book can be found there, or pop me an email quoting the title of this post.
We paint with words...but, boy, sometimes art really is worth a thousand words and more!
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