Sunday, December 5, 2010


A complete copy of Gathering of Rain (eBook) FREE for the best blurb!
This writer needs fresh minds to structure an attractive paragraph!

The winning blurb will be used to market Rain across varied sites, with an acknowledgement. And will appear on the paperback version!
and download the free sample (yes, this will drive download numbers up- always great- but not the main purpose!) and have a read.

Listed below are a few concepts found in Gathering of Rain to help you:
Rain of the Mantle
Guardians of the Dome
Maghdim Medaillon
Ruby of Enlightenment
Infinity, the dara-witch
Margus, the Darak Or
Great Dividing Forest
Otherworld, Rift, Arcana, Lost Race, Soltakin, Epic, Seers and Sorcerers, Swords…

Post a link to Rain’s blurb below or email your entry to
Remember to tell me where to send your FREE copy of Gathering of Rain!
Deadline: 20 December

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