Monday, May 9, 2011

BITEMARKS by Drew Cross - Review

BITEMARKS by Drew Cross
This is how Bitemarks begins: ‘I am haunted by the ghosts of childhood memories, by the cruel promise of eternal sunshine and an innocence which should have endured, that died in increments and took my two friends with it.’
Now I ask you, reader, are you not immediately intrigued? I was, and delved in!
This is a crime thriller...with a twist. A cop with a vampire fetish, his partner a gay black man, his  smart dog Ghost, a vampire on the loose tearing prostitutes apart...and stir into the mix a sexual relationship and flashbacks to a strange past- you have a darn good read here.
The juxtaposition of daily grind, the reality of the meanness of the streets, set against the surreal landscapes of a lonely soul, the latter described in pure literary fashion, and one wonders who the real Drew Cross is. A crime writer? Or a poet?  I am amazed by his style and intrigued by his ability to structure tension and the great guessing game inherent in every crime thriller.
I found Bitemarks initially confusing (as we head-hopped and needed to discover Mr Cross’ style), but only initially! Once you ‘feel’ the tale, you are transported. A definite recommend! Enjoy! 
Elaina J Davidson
May 2011
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