Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Talk to the wings

Ally stood before the Gates of Heaven and wondered if the man with the mighty wings would allow her to enter. Always they told her how she would amount to so little, not even God and his angels would want her.

The guard approached, seeing her hesitation. ‘Hello, Ally. What qualifies you to enter yonder gates?’
She hung her head. ‘Nothing.’

‘That’s not true. Have you not been a good person?’
Ally lifted her head. ‘I think so.’

‘Have you helped others unselfishly? Have you listened to those who needed to talk?’

‘And have you ever believed in yourself?’
‘Once,’ Ally whispered.

The guard smiled. ‘That would be the day you saved Jack from drowning, despite your fear of the sea. Belief and courage. Once is enough to change all, Ally. Even a moment is enough.’
‘But I’m nothing!’ Ally shouted. ‘I did not change the world, I did not stand out. I lived alone and left nothing behind!’

The guard smiled again. ‘Because of the belief that saved a life, you saved yours. You walked away from those who hurt you and became a friend to the world, Ally.’
Ally frowned. ‘Really?’

‘A hungry boy knocked on your door and was fed. A girl afraid of failing discovered her strength because you listened. A dog hurt lived because you took him to those who could help. Remember the tabby? You gave him a home. And the day your mother came to you and told you she was sorry, did you not forgive her? A soul does not have to be noticed and recognised by the many to qualify as a soul that achieved greatness. A moment of belief changes all, Ally.’ The guard offered his arm. ‘Come. Enter.’
Smiling, Ally took the proffered arm and entered into Heaven.
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