Monday, May 6, 2013

PD Allen's Song of Existence (Review)

How does one accurately review this body of work…without sounding unimaginative? One keeps it simple and one compares to other works that have had a similar effect on me, and hopefully that does the trick.

First, Song of Existence is a beautiful tale, and anyone can read it as love this imaginative story, young and old. Second, Song of Existence is a parable, and an open mind will quickly hark to that and be moved. It is in the third factor, however, where Song of Existence comes into its own, that of a spiritual journey and awakening. How does one explain that? Well, by making comparisons.

I am reminded of The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecies, not so much in content, as in the profound effect Song of Existence has on one. I am also reminded of Jonathan Livingstone, Seagull, and even The Way of the Wizard, again due to the effect. When I put this down, as with the comparisons made above, I knew I was in some way intrinsically changed. And remain thus.

Please read Song of Existence and then go on to tell anyone you meet to read it also. It’s beautiful and inspiring and will change the way you think. And then hold the lessons close and step into your own journey of awakening. Well done to PD Allen, this is a true body of work and it deserves recognition.

Listen to the music, your music, mine, the universe…

Deservedly 5 stars. (Wish I could give it 10!!!)

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