Monday, November 11, 2013

Over Exposure by Poppet

This is the third book in the Darkroom series, and it is as vivid and thought provoking as the first two! In Over Exposure we resume Shauna’s tale after she has lost both husband and baby, and is ‘rescued’ by God himself. It is now time to condition Shauna to the ways of a vengeful God…

The torture this poor woman endures! It’s enough for this reader to wish herself right into the pages themselves to capture and torture this fool who calls himself ‘God’, to rescue Shauna myself!!!! Argh, how furious I got while reading this!

Yes, this engenders high emotion, and it’s a well-structured tale, too. The story moves onward swiftly … and there are a few surprises along the way to keep you guessing. Will Shauna overcome her conditioning? Will Seth find his inner strength? Will Jude be successful in restoring the Angel of Vengeance to life? Will God receive his comeuppance?

A mixture of the high-tech present and ancient lore, this is a story that makes you think, but beyond that it also makes you feel. Highly HIGHLY recommended!

By the way, there’s a lovely twist in the end, and I wonder which finale you would choose. Read Over Exposure to find out what that means!

And then, together, we can look forward to Sinnergog, the next book in the series…

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