Monday, January 20, 2014

Planet Fruitcake!

Here's my review for Poppet's Soul Cypher! Too hilarious!

Planet Fruitcake! Yes, indeed, this is exactly where one goes when delving into the pages of Soul Cypher! I read loads of Poppet books, but this one is different, this one is a laugh a second, a snort of surprise every moment. From ‘teletubbies’ and purple alcohol to Reaper the guard ‘dog’ and insane gods, this is a crazy adventure.

Love Taniya’s voice! Really, really wish I have the gumption she has, the ability to totally speak her mind and never mind the consequences! Understand, though, folk will be looking at you as if you are utterly mad when you begin to giggle … never mind, Amrak will zap them!

Seriously folks, looking for something different? Soul Cypher is it. Loads of laughs, hugely clever, and an awesome quest also. Brilliant!

Available from Thorstruck Press here!

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