Thursday, December 3, 2015

The King's Challenge #124

TKC 124

How much time passes before I awake, I cannot say. Groaning, for I fell awkwardly, landing on a bent arm, I sit up.

Red glows overwhelm everything.

The ‘command centre’ is lit in shades of scarlet, causing the blinking buttons to appear mauve and amber. I feel as if I have awakened into a different world, possibly even a different time.

After finding my feet, I move to the nearest window. I am still here. At the very least, the rock in the sky did not hit Arc. It may have elsewhere, in which scenario the heavens will soon fill with debris and blot the sun.

I stare out, searching for a sign.

The bizarre red light in encompassing, but it has nothing to do with debris in the atmosphere. After studying the phenomenon for a while, I realise it is a shield, but whether it envelopes only Arc or the whole of Massin? I have no answer.

Perhaps Damin and Horin will know. The time for reconciliation is soon. If Hanna followed my directive, she will bring Horin to me. I smile. Damin will, of course, insist on coming.

I close my eyes to see what is beyond ordinary sight, but it is dark to me now. I have lost my powers? Shrugging, I turn for the exit. I do not bemoan the loss; I will be relieved to know it gone.

My feet are fleet descending the spiralling stairs. The light cathedral below is no longer magical to me; I seek air, some normality, and desire to be free of this place quickly. The tunnels await me, though, and I am afraid I may lose myself in them. Without my talents I cannot see or hear the others beyond; I will have no guides.

“Can you hear me?” I ask as I enter the antechamber.

This way, my lady, the darkness whispers, and a small glow appears.

Never have I been this relieved. The talent is theirs, and I am thankful for it. “Do you know a place where the ancients cannot see us?”

Amusement floats upon the air. Indeed. Come.

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