Friday, September 9, 2016

Our year long challenge is DONE!

ILFIN is up! Our year long challenge is finally DONE!! So pleased with the end result and have had only fantastic reports about it so far (my proofreaders LOVED it), yay! (I think you can tell I'm pretty happy)

Ilfin of Arc is now on pre-order at the special price of a mere 99c - it will deliver to your device on 4 November. The print version will go live this weekend, in case you can't wait!


Ancient souls reawaken to destiny when Ilfin and Glonu spaceships hurtle through the spaces. As a fireball grows ever larger in the skies, oblivious masters seek more slaves.
Massin is the gathering place for every omen of disaster.
In the marshes below the plateau, Lyra and Damin plan to save their civilisation and their families, but it will require more than words to awaken people from complacency. Special talents are needed to incite action, talents inherent in the ancient bloodlines of another world.
Magical abilities - the Ilfin Talents.
All must march across the vast plains from the eastern highlands and the western seas to reach the mighty mountains in the south. There they may escape the fires; there they will hide from the masters; there is the isolation to begin a new civilisation, free from the past, free from oppression.
A host will march to Arc, the paradise beyond the southern mountains, an ancient sanctuary, one that survived every impact from the heavens and every battle between the Ilfin and the Glonu of previous times.
An Elemental will find the sanctuary, a Warrior will protect the dispossessed and a Marsh Devil will lead them.

Will Arc protect them?

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