Saturday, October 8, 2016

Review: Lessons Learned Cleaning The Floor by Gratitude Girl

It is true that when we are engaged in menial tasks, such as washing dishes, our thoughts tend to roam. Usually our thoughts are about other tasks that need attending to or about our kids, even reminding ourselves to feed our furry children. Sometimes our thoughts move to wishes and dreams, the what-if, or we look ahead to an expected event.

Now, imagine washing the floor, a bleh task. It takes a chunk of time and therefore our thoughts are elsewhere for a fair period. Imagine opening up to the messages of love surrounding us all the time, messages we are often oblivious to. Imagine listening to those messages … and then understanding they are in fact lessons about ourselves.

This book is exactly that. Lessons about self. Who we are, where we fit in, how we are able to empower ourselves, and what makes us, each and every one of us, so special. It’s so easy to achieve awareness and yet we tend to remain oblivious; this book will give wings to your musings while washing the floor and lead you to knowing and believing that you are LOVE.

I was literally floored (ha!) and then I soared! I. Am. Love.

Read it NOW!

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