Wednesday, January 6, 2021

It appears stuff still happened ...

Well, we can now say we're already well on our way into the new year. Still, today, I was thinking about 2020. Besides the reality of what happened to us collectively, I wondered if I even achieved anything last year. It certainly feels as if I didn't, that from mid-March onward absolutely nothing happened in my world of writing. Sitting down, I thought I'd make a list, mostly to disprove a feeling of unworthiness. Surprise, surprise, despite days, weeks, months of doing 'nothing', it appears stuff still happened.

For instance, audio books; in 2020 the following audio books were completed:


FingerNale Tales

The Bartender

Ancient Illumination

Our Friend Thomas Henson & Town Thomas

Ethereal Musician

Our Lanterns Glow

The Kallanon Scales

The Drowned Throne (complete but still in review)

TINSAL (complete but still in review)

On the translation front, too, there was movement:

El Legado Infinito (The Infinity Mantle - Spanish)

Ilfin di Arc (Ilfin of Arc - Italian)

Le Barman (The Bartender - French)

El Cantinero (The Bartender - Spanish)

O Bartender (The Bartender -Portuguese)

A Artista (The Artist - Portuguese)

La Artista (The Artist - Spanish)

L'Artiste (The Artist - French)

L'Artista (The Artist - Italian)

Created new covers for:

Farochin: The Terraformed World (and Lykandir: The Measured World but that is a WIP at this time)

The Infinity Mantle audio book

The Kinfire Tree audio book

(also for The Drowned Throne and The Dragon Circle but those didn't need to change online)

Regarding actual books ...

Collated the short stories and extras from my LORE into Song of the Spaces

Published Our Lanterns Glow: Finding Light in 2020

Published the paperback version of the Lore of Reaume omnibus, as well as for Lore of Sanctum

Published Feast Night and African Moon (short stories)

The Caregiver went live 31 Dec 2020 (actually uploaded  01 Jan 2021, according to Irish time, but that translated as the final day of 2020 in the US)

Not too shabby. Did good :)

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