Wednesday, August 4, 2021

At the End / Winged Wonder

My FingerNale Tales consist of bite-sized insights, and the audiobook is available also. My narrator - Andy Barker - a while ago said to me he wishes folk would take the chance and listen because he did some of his best work for FingerNale and reckons the stories are so insightful that both the audiobook and the eBook should be hitting the lists. To that end, to showcase both the stories and his talent, I have published two of the tales separately, and Andy has kindly uploaded the audio for both. Bless him, he really is a professional! 

I chose Winged Wonder due to the supernatural twist, and also Andy's absolute favourite, At the End, which is a about a woman at the end of her life looking back.

There are eyes on its wings. Many have this subterfuge somewhere upon them, out there in the wilds, and therefore the concept is not exactly strange. Used to fool predators, it is an effective tool of disguise. But this is not a creature of the wilds.

What is this Winged Wonder?

Taken from FingerNale tales, this quick read tells the tale of a man at an intersection seeing a man, a creature, an angel perhaps, in the crowd waiting to cross.

Winged Wonder

Audio book now in review

We should all do the best we can with what is given us,

so that one day we too can look back and say,

‘I lived a good life’.

At the End is an insight taken from FingerNale Tales and tells the story of a woman looking back over the years of her life.

At the End

Audio book now in review

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