Friday, January 16, 2015

Ancient Illumination

Tale 5 from The Secrets of Castle Drakon by Elaina J Davidson

You will have guessed that this is my contribution to the anthology! No review, therefore, not from yours truly, but this is what Soooz and Monique have to say say ;) Thank you both!!

From Soooz:

Tale 5: ANCIENT ILLUMINATION by Elaina J. Davidson

“There are only five of us now. We are the last of our kind.” So begins this story.

Take a journey with five people, unsure of why they have been drawn together to escape the death of their world. Knowing only that the desire to survive burns so strongly within each of them that they will run, until they can run no longer … run to escape the certain and inevitable destruction of Drakonis, their home, now laid waste by the forces of volcanic fire.

They will run in the blistering heat of a world blanketed so thickly by volcanic ash that everything in and of that world is close to ultimate annihilation. The darkness absolute.

Each of them connected, each of them necessary for the survival of the others.

They believe that their escape, or the passing on of memory, lay within the belief that legend is a tangible concept. A concept that was in eons past based on reality of sorts.

They ran from the fire into ice, the remembered heat a lifetime ago. 

They are close to starvation, have not had fresh water to drink for too long and are close to frozen in the icy remains of a world gone mad.

Brennan is the leader, a female who has survived as a burglar for years, with the company of Cole the younger of two brothers. Bastian the older boy strong and quiet. Halley a female uncomfortable and untrusting of her companions, and Audri who has never spoken once on their journey.

The story is intricately woven by Author Elaina J. Davidson. She writes powerful words and leaves the reader entwined in her story, eager to read more, yet somehow reluctant to know what is coming.

The story has layer upon layer of connected meaning. Each section allowing the reader a glimpse of understanding, yet cleverly holding back until the final revelation.

This work is beautifully written, sadly prophetic, and superbly paced.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

From Monique:

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