Thursday, July 29, 2010

Page 100 - Gathering of Rain

After the Ritual’s success- that may not be revealed- the newly created Immortal lost his or her tail, a wrenching that not one overcame. Always they yearned for the freedom of the deep, and immersed themselves in water whenever the opportunity arose. They could return to their Mer states for brief periods, a concession made in the interest of long-term sanity, this tweaking having been decided upon after the first few Immortals lasted no more than ten years away from water. They died of sadness, nothing else.
The current four in the Dome had been a unit for four thousand years, three of them together for ten thousand. They counted among their blessings that no new, successful candidate had to experience the wrenching that accompanied the Ritual. They had not forgotten- they still yearned for Canolantis.
Of the four, Saska was the ‘new’ arrival. She was exceptionally lovely, with a slender, lissom grace. Her pale blue hair was almost as long as she was tall, loosely braided to hang over one shoulder to coil in her lap. In the interest of practicality she tended to cut it to a more manageable length when confrontation was at hand. As she sat listening to the revelations, the practical side of her nature was already contemplating when she would have the opportunity to take a scissor to it. She was dressed in soft green breeches and a loose tunic of the same colour, which complimented the bright green of her eyes. Her slender feet were shod in pale blue slippers reminiscent of elven shoes, and about ankles and wrists she wore slim silver bracelets that tinkled as she moved. She was a sylvan nymph with the strength of character to become an Immortal, and she was much tougher than her ethereal beauty revealed.
Her tinkling drew attention from Llettynn. All eyes swivelled to the Mer.
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