Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time can be strange, an enigma

Time, the great puzzle. Sometimes we feel as if there aren't sufficient hours in a day and we hark to every minute to make it stretch to our advantage (often causing panic, of course, which is a disadvantage and removes available minutes). Other days we feel as if the hours stretch unending, we can 'hear' those seconds laboriously ticking on the clock in our heads.

Why is this?

Could it be state of mind? Could it be how busy we are...or not? Does feeling overwhelmed subtract time from what is essentially the same period allotted daily? And, conversely, does feeling at ease gift us additional hours? We could probably answer 'yes' to all of that, which means the concept time is seriously subjective...and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual measurement.

Well, I've been snowed under recently (therefore lack of new posts!) and asked myself 'why, oh why, is there never enough time???' Today I laugh at my frustration...seems I have it at my disposal- I simply need to manage it better.

Then again, the sun is out, it's silent and calm out...why bother with questions? Time to enjoy the warmth!
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