Friday, July 15, 2011

Dusan by Poppet

Dusan: Dusan (pronounced Dooshun) awakes from long slumber to a world changed. As he grapples with the reality of our technological era, he also needs to rebuild his strength and appease an inner hunger...and to this end harvests the souls of innocents. He is an Angel of Death, but doesn’t see himself as one. Dusan believes he is an Angel of Mercy...until he meets Aine, a human with a heritage, who tells him unequivocally that stealing the souls of the innocent does not help humanity attain a state of peace. Mercy would be removing the souls of the perverted, criminal and evil, thus allowing humanity to go forward without their influences. Aine is definitely more than she seems.
I have read much of Poppet’s work now. I love how she describes places, situations and emotions- all of it relates back to how we view our world- and this one certainly follows her recipe. Dusan kicks off in France with Dusan hurtling off the Eiffel to land in traffic, where ‘burning clutch wafts’ over him. We are instantly in the real world...with a soul-snatcher. How intriguing is that, I ask? And then I had to laugh over Dusan’s later confusion about laptops- a device that never actually sits on a lap!
This is a tale about saving our civilisation from evil and to that end Poppet has employed the rich and enigmatic history of our gods and angels and the mysteries of religion. This tale has serious undertones indeed. And profound in the manner in which Poppet forces us to look at what we regard as religion with fresh eyes. But Dusan is also a love story and the dynamics between Aine and Dusan make for voracious reading. Therefore seriously sexy also...go on, lay a hold of a copy and you’ll see what I mean!
Dusan is a read for those who adore a tale with a decidedly supernatural edge, while still experiencing the familiar of life as we know it, and don’t mind the thrill of a romance with a decided edge. I would definitely recommend it...and right now Dusan heads to the top as my favoutite Poppet read.
Dusan is available here: and find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Elaina J Davidson
July 2011 
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