Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Murderers Sky : Review

PD Allen's Murderers Sky

Murderers Sky begins innocuously enough- a priest summoned to a mother’s home, the local sheriff giving him a ride- but all is not as it seems. Overhead the sky is sickly and ominous and there are rumours of a terrible massacre out in the desert.
We come to know this priest with the soul of a musician and we travel with the sheriff into the jaws of hell. We meet a mother trying to help her challenged son- a boy who paints prophetic images of doom. We follow two boys who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnesses to terrible atrocity. We meet a woman about to give birth, the only survivor of a holocaust.
And then there are those with ulterior motives. Drug smugglers and people peddlers, soldiers without conscience, and their leader, a creature from the darkness. And the first inkling of what and who caused the changes to the atmosphere comes to the fore; this is long-term manipulation. And what, pray, is up at that church raising a safe house?
Every character is well-rounded and the tale flows with ease, holding the intense interest of this reader.  Woven into and throughout is the ages-old struggle between what is good and what is evil- an enlightening experience in this silent, hot and dry context.  A well-structure tale; PD Allen is a born storyteller.
I recommend Murderers Sky to anyone who enjoys depth in characters, a strange adventure, science and the supernatural- these factors are cleverly woven to form a tapestry that appears normal…yet isn’t. My only gripe is that Murderers Sky ended too soon! But the stage is set, and we know our characters now…and I cannot wait to read the next volume:  D√¶mon Sky. May it be soon.

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Grab your copy! A 5-star read!

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