Saturday, October 27, 2012

Indigo Vamporium Review

Indigo Vamporium by Poppet

Have you read Poppet’s work? Then you’ll know why I jumped at the opportunity to read Indigo Vamporium!  
In IV we meet Seithe as a teenager and discover what drives him to become the super-being he is, half-vampyre, half-angel. Here we find a more ‘innocent’ side to Seithe and his siblings, but don’t be fooled: there’s darkness and power and the supernatural and all those factors that serve to underscore Poppet’s work.  Seithe and his kind seek love from humans- salvation for vampyres- and when he meets Tasmin…well, I’d love to explain it all, but won’t reveal more…
IV is set in beautiful Cape Town and Poppet uses stunning Long Beach, the mystery of Tokai forest and the majesty of Table Mountain to great effect as the backdrops for Seithe coming to grips with his power in order to shoulder his responsibilities.  As a Capetonian I have to admit I particularly enjoyed these nuances.
I also enjoyed reading about the Flying Dutchman, a local ghost ship legend we Capetonians simply love holding forth about, and the ninjen we learn about in IV will have you tapping into your search engines. Are they myth or not???
Now forget setting and legends…and delve into Poppet’s brilliant imagination for action, romance and emotion, and vanish for a time from the world.

A 5-star read!

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