Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Mourning Sky (PD Allen)

Mourning Sky Review

I couldn’t wait to read this, the final book in the trilogy Under Shattered Skies. Murderer’s Sky set us on a path to destruction, while Daemon Sky opened our eyes to the unseen forces that lurk around. And now it is time for the showdown in Mourning Sky…and it is quite the showdown!
I really don’t want to give it away (go forth and read it!), but will reveal the Reverend Chassey and his army of the ‘faithful’ is sufficient to give one the shivers…but he isn’t alone in his dark intent. As the atmosphere explodes and the stars bleed blood, the townspeople of Heater rise up and surrender to the darkness within. Heater burns and everywhere terrible death and suffering manifests, at the behest of Martin Ross and the archetype possessing him. And a boy paints the future, every curl and line he makes upon paper creating it in reality, spurring on the spread of evil.
But there is also hope. Good people step forward, among them young Kevin, who hopes to rescue his friend, and the sheriff, who hopes to rescue his town. A woman and her newborn hold the key to reviving the earth, while Father Albert Hayne steps into his true destiny, playing his fiddle to haunting results.
The earth mourns as the sky weeps. Is this the end of humankind? And that is as much as I’ll say about the story, but I must add this: loved it, brilliant, a fantastic read, a fitting end! Your turn- read it!

 An excellent read!

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