Monday, March 18, 2013

Crystal Illusions by JE Taylor (review)

This is my first venture into the mind of Special Agent Steve Williams (the MC of JE Taylor’s books) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having read this one, I know I want to go back and start from the beginning!

Crystal Illusions is an easy, flowing read, moving seamlessly from scene to scene almost like the movie playing in your mind. In fact, this would make a great movie and hopefully someone takes note of that!

This is the story of Carolyn, the assistant DA who begins having visions of a serial killer. Nightmarish, but it gets far worse when she sees herself through the killer’s eyes. She is the target, and Agent Williams is the only one who can protect her. Williams is a very special man, you see, with gifts that they will need to stop more women being murdered, to stop Carolyn herself dying in a horrific way. Under scrutiny is Randy, her boyfriend, Jason, her assistant, Jim, her boss…and it gets complicated, twists that keeps the reader reading!

Enjoyable indeed.

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