Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Drowned Throne now available!

Book 3 is now available from Amazon!

From the cesspool of Silas Island into the underworld of Two Town, the battle for Valaris continues. The Darak Or Margus unleashes his soltakin army and at his side is the dara-witch Infinity and her Darkling Horde. As Valaris reels under epic storms and men, women and children succumb to soltakin touch and darkling blade, two mighty armies become one.

It is time to unveil the hidden half-race from below the sands of the Vall Peninsula; Valaris needs soldiers as much as she needs hope. It is time to reveal the Valleur Throne. It is time also to face Margus in his lair and throw the gauntlet down. Arrayed against his might is the small team of defenders, among them Taranis of the Dome Guardians, Vannis of the Valleur…and Torrullin, a man with a dual nature, who as often fights the darkness rising within as he fights to save his world. He is the Enchanter, the One many races in the universe have been waiting for.

Dreams and visions plague Torrullin; he battles to find himself when fate appears omnipotent and love ever beyond his reach. He needs the love his father Taranis offers, but the fiery Saska stands between them…

The extinct Gosa volcano erupts as sacred sites implode to create earthquakes and tidal waves…a monster wave is unleashed…headed to an epic confrontation before an ancient and powerful golden seat…

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