Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Review: Wrapture

I reviewed Poppet's Wrapture a while back, but haven't yet posted it here. Enjoy!

Note: Wrapture is for adult readers only.

I finished this and I was speechless, meaning I did not at first know what to write for this review. Usually I keep pen and paper handy to jot notes as I go, but not this time. No, no, you begin this and you keep on reading! Anything jotted is a distraction. Generally I compose my review directly after a read, when content is fresh, but not this time. This time I needed to step back and let it stew.

There are two concepts (for lack of a better term) in Wrapture. One is the erotic side (which is graphic, containing stuff I had never even imagined!), and the other is biblical content (which is so well employed it boggles the mind) – how does one marry the two? Ask the author, because this is a woven tale direct from the psyche of an imaginative writer! How, however, does one marry the two for the purposes of review? Now you get; that is why Wrapture needed to stew a while first!

The first thing I asked myself is this: how can a woman be so utterly thick as to follow a stranger from a bar … and expect romance and roses???

The last thing I asked myself is this: really, Kenan, that’s the solution? You deserve to burn. You all do.
This is well-written, employs images and quotes to head every chapter to visual and insightful effect, and is a read that titillates and terrifies. More than once I envisioned myself with a mighty flamethrower entering the tale to unleash unholy retribution upon the myopic men in this tale. They think they are so clever, but … (where’s that flamethrower???) …

Setting aside the shock factor and the graphic content (not that you can do so for long!), Wrapure is thought-provoking, well researched and a fast-paced read that will literally leave you breathless. I do however wish to smite every character in this tale … maybe burn them. This reader will be back to read the next Darkroom instalment!

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