Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is early Thomas a willing Thomas?

Thomas Henson ostensibly attempts to repair the loose boards of the shed out back … all the while keeping an eye on the movements in the property alongside. He is up early (and does not even consider such an unprecedented act might be construed as suspicious) and cannot abide the fact that all is so very quiet. Generally Ethan Danwick-Blythe is the modicum of action in his perfection of a garden … but not today. How frustrating for Thomas. Early for the first time, only to realise his early is too early.

And then the fool sings out greeting across the hedge, claiming astonishment to see Thomas up and about and doing something. Thomas should really consider a team of helpers, he adds, and get everything ready for the winter. He, Ethan Danwick-Blythe, knows of a team of such helpers and they do owe him a favour. He could call it in, if Thomas is willing. And while they are on the subject, perhaps he can have a word with his brother-in-law on the board to restore power … if dear Thomas is willing?

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