Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Josiah Stubb

This is definitely Josiah’s story. From lowly beginnings and a strange childhood Josiah rises to become something more. I was horrified by Josiah’s childhood, elated that he discovered love despite that, then horrified that he had to surrender all that was good in his life to embark into the perils of the army … and then elated to know, in the end, hope remains.

From great battles and strategy, through the mud of men in desperation, into unlikely friendships, while delving Josiah’s past, this reader’s emotions went up and down with the tides of war and the reality of society’s bias. An excellent yarn, an emotional journey.

Mr Lovatt clearly did much research into both the battles and the society of the time, for the narration is seamless and intriguing. He brings it to us in full colour, with the smells of gunpowder lacing all.

I thoroughly enjoyed Josiah Stubb and recommend it to history fans, as well as to those of us who adore a tragic love story. Josiah as man and as tale will appeal to a wide audience, I believe, and both man and tale doesn’t disappoint! Well done to the author.

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