Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Believer

“A Believer can be a layman enamoured of religion and God, but is also priest and sage, one who seeks to bring the holy down to earth. Me,” Jonah says. “Courtesy of Zanderin.” He wags an accusing finger at the two men. “You Rhodry, and you Folly, and now me. Already we three are a community and a sage is meant to bring peace to a community. What peace, I ask you?” He begins to gesture wildly. “I can think of nothing else that binds us except the Stone! We are paying for our sins!”

There is absolute silence.

“Stone?” Terra whispers.

And Folly vents.

Terra immediately realises he has needed to vent about this particular subject for some while; he has that pinched look to the eyes her father has when he tries not to say something, when all he wants to do is blurt it out.

“We were eighteen years old! We did not know better! We thought we were men when we were no more than children! How can that bitch come forward now, after twelve years, and exact retribution! If anyone should pay it should be my father, and yours, Jonah! And … bloody Kell! They were the ring leaders, they sent us in!”

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