Saturday, February 7, 2015

Justine's Journal #25

52 Weeks 500 Words

This is how it began: Justine (not her real name) decided to write 500 words (or as near as), anything goes, per week for 52 weeks. She would then submit it for anonymous posting, via me, her friend. Perhaps a pattern will emerge from her words, but at this stage it’s more an experiment I have agreed to share in. I’ll attempt to draw conclusions at the end of this. Stay tuned if this resonates with you.

Week 25

"Have you ever wondered about the sky? How clouds are formed? How rain gathers? How moisture disappears? Why is it sometimes so bright, and at other times so dark? Why do you see stars at night? Why do stars vanish as you look at them?

You may have wondered, yes, but most of us know enough of the science that enables the changing sky to no longer question it. We don’t need to ask WHY because we were taught the basics in school and have since read up some more. The experts, of course, have no need of wondering at all.

And yet, setting aside the science of nature, have you not wondered?

Is it not magical? Clouds come pouring in over a mountain top, or they form out of thin air. They have shapes, such as dragons and space ships. They create great streaks across the blue sky or break into fluffy patterns. Science, yes, but so magical also. And when they begin to gather and darken, you just know the rain is coming, you feel it. Suddenly you are caught in the wonder of nature, not the science of it.

Remember when you were young and lying on your back in sweet grass staring up? How many animals did you see up there? How often did you smile? How often did you laugh at the craziness of your imagination? That’s the wonder part, the magic we all have within, and I wish sometimes that life was always like that. More about wondering, as in the wonder of life, than the hard facts we are forced to deal with in order to function in society.

Or look down. Really examine what is beneath your feet. See the stalks of grass, the pathways between, perhaps the colony of ants busily engaged in gathering food? Oh, look, there’s the tiniest wildflower you have ever seen! It’s so small and yet so very perfect. There, that’s a tiny clearing, look at that strangely coloured stone. For a moment you imagine a tiny creature flittering in when all is quiet to rest there for a while.

Is it not magical? Are you not transported in wonder?

Let’s all of us acknowledge that bit of magic we always have inside, and let it out now and again when the science of society is just a little overwhelming.

There is beauty all around us, in the strangest places. We just have to look to know."

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