Friday, June 25, 2021

Teamwork: Lore of Arcana's NFT

As you can see from the BGS press post below, NFT Books are now a thing, and I have a very special edition NFT for Lore of Arcana as part of this - cannot tell you enough just how pleased I am (okay, more like super-duper excited!) that my lore is among the first pioneers of a new way of reaching readers.

This has been my secret project since April, and it took some doing to put it all together, not only from my point of view but the entire team at Books Go Social, not to mention the other authors who are in this with me. All that collating, formatting, altering … many, many days of work!

The WHY of becoming a part of the NFT marketplace I have showcased in a post on my Lore Series blog, so do have a look. Thanks!

Here, though, let me tell you about the teamwork aspect of creating a special edition. I asked Cayla De Vos from Fox Creative Solutions to create new covers for me, which includes the standard ebook cover, a square cover and an awesome GIF, and an illustration of the Maze sacred site which can be found in the Sacred Sites PDF included in the token, a dedicated Dragon icon (LOVE IT!) and she delivered in spades. I asked my Arcana narrator, Thomas Bestwick, to put together an audio file with excerpts from all four books to showcase Torrullin Valla's journey (the MC after all!) and he jumped in and made it happen. Together, with me creating a special epub edition and adding my lightbulb moment, we have created something truly special, and I say thank you to both of them for being part of this :)

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