Sunday, April 14, 2013

Jump by Cindy Paterson (Review)

This book starts with a terrible torture scenario…and I have to say it nearly put me off. Why? Again with the vampires I thought. Why are so many stories about vampires? I soldiered on for my book club…and am so glad I did.

Jump puts a new spin on those otherworldly tales. Yes, there are vampires, but this isn't what Jump is about; they play a more minor role, standing aside for the Senses…and one has to be intrigued by them! Senses have heightened abilities of smell, taste etc, including telepathy and healing, and are immortal, created by the Goddess Enid to serve humankind, living secretly amid humans. Add to the mix wraiths, magical elementals in another realm, and you have here an enchanting mix and the basis of a great tale. And, naturally, there are some strange enemies also!

Jump isn't airy-fairy, however; this is gritty, real, on the ground battles and issues. Foremost are the issues of Danielle, the woman in the opening torture scene, and the issues of Balen, the one held in captivity with her. Two years later they meet again…and, boy, do sparks fly. They literally cannot survive without each other and this causes massive upheaval amid wraiths and Senses warriors alike. I told you, an enchanting mix!

Occasionally the author spent too much time on her characters’ ‘soul-searching’ when the pace could’ve moved a mite faster, but it doesn't detract too much from the general action. To finish Jump off, there’s a great hook at the end- you’ll want to know what happens in the next book (Step)!

Happy reading!

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