Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quest: Steps of Enlightenment

Without revealing how and why (new readers don’t want to know too much up front, do they?), there is an initial ‘quest’ that launches the Lore of Arcana series. It changes, of course, into something darker and more dangerous, but to whet your appetite there’s this:

Below are the fourteen steps relating to the Steps of Enlightenment, which in turn relate directly to the fourteen sites sacred to the Valleur. (Who are the Valleur? You’ll need to do some reading!)

Sacred Rhythm of Pyllanthos – The Infinity Mantle (Lore of Arcana I)
Square Pyramid – The Infinity Mantle (Arcana I)
Obelisk – The Infinity Mantle (Arcana I)

Queen’s Chessboard – The Kinfire Tree (Lore of Arcana II)
The Three Gates – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
The Round Temple of Rees – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
Seven-sided Fountain – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
The Maze – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
Lifesource – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
Tunnels of Two Town – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
Graveyard of the Ancients – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)
Circular Mystic Island – The Kinfire Tree (Arcana II)

Rose Garden of Moshesh – The Drowned Throne (Lore of Arcana III)
Tower of Stairs – The Drowned Throne (Arcana III)

In The Dragon Circle (Lore of Arcana IV) everything comes together!

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