Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: Night Hawk by JE Taylor

When I started I didn't know this would be a vampire story. Had I known I might have declined reading it, but Night Hawk turned out to be a quick and easy read that kept me entertained, if not enthralled. Quick, because I read it in two hours, and easy, because it flows nicely chapter to chapter.

There’s some interesting chemistry between Naomi (new vampire on the block) and Damian (an old hand at this stuff) and there’s an intriguing plot that drives the story, particularly the persona and judgements of Archangel Michael, the terrible greed of Lucifer himself, as well as the alternate forms both Naomi and Damian are able to assume in the darkness.

However, I felt Night Hawk sort of began in the middle of a conversation no one knows about. And the turning of Naomi isn't quite believable. It lacks depth and one doesn't quite feel empathy for the main characters.

Entertaining, though, and perhaps the sequel will flesh out some of what seems to be lacking here. A light read to enjoy before bed.

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